We’re on a mission to figure out what kinds of videos do best for promoting audio on social media, and will be using Headliner to test different variations of audiograms and see what comes out on top.  

As you may have seen in our last post, we were looking for the best way to do a proper A/B test on social media and found Facebook’s Split Testing Platform for Ads to be the easiest way to do this. 

For this test, we teamed up with Arlina of The ODAAT Chat Recovery Podcast, which features inspiring stories of overcoming addiction.

The ODAAT Chat Test

We wanted to test a few common types of videos we see created on Headliner against each other, with a static image thrown in as well, to see which unit would perform best in a Facebook split test.

We measured success by clicks from the ad unit to the ODAAT website, via the  “Listen Now” button on the sponsored unit. We first setup our target audience as English speakers age 18-65 with interest in substance abuse prevention. 

Arlina sent us an audio clip and image to use for the test, and we got rolling. The three units we tested are found below.

#1: Audiogram, No Captions, One Image

#2: Audiogram, Captions, One Image

#3: Audiogram, Captions, Multiple Images


We put these video units into a Traffic Acquisition Split test along with the static image. The units appeared as follows:

Static Image Ad Unit


Video Ad Unit


The Results

Static Image5943391.36%$0.59
#1 Audiogram, No Captions, one Image8529152.92%$0.59
#2 Audiogram, Captions, One Image9230922.98%$0.54
#3 Audiogram, Captions, Multiple Images11230843.63%$0.45

The results showed again that videos outperform static content. For the videos, the multiple images unit performed better than the other units. The Multiple Images Unit (#3) had a higher CTR and lower CPC than the other single image video types (#1, #2) tested.

This suggests that you should use video and it’s worth the extra effort to add multiple images to your audiograms in Headliner. Also, our next test is all about different caption styles, so keep a look out for those results sometime next week. 

Finally, if you have a podcast and want to team up for a similar test, reach out! support@headliner.app

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