Mobile Support for Downloading Exported Videos

You can now access the download page for your exported video on a mobile device, which should make it a lot easier to share it to social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Move and Resize Watermark/Logo Image

We’ve made some changes to how we handle watermark files, users will now be able to move and resize their watermark image during the import process, or readjust it later after it’s been successfully added to the project.

Added Transparency Support for Backfill Background

The black backfill background for any cropped media asset is now transparent, which should enable multiple media assets to be shown at the same time.

Other Updates

  • Added Latin-extended for all google fonts with latin-extended support
  • New entry transitions for text boxes: Fade In
  • New exit transitions for text boxes: Fade Out, Slide Right, Slide Up
  • Several other bug fixes and enhancements