This test pits different types of podcast videos against each other, as well as a static image, on Instagram Stories. We have done similar tests on Facebook and Instagram posts.

For this test, we used a clip from The Carleena Show, where ordinary people share their hero’s journey.

The Instagram Stories Test

For this test, we are doing the same setup, pitting some common video styles against a static image on Instagram stories. Carleena sent us a clip about sustainable hunting, so we targeted people on Instagram, over 18 years old living in the United States who are interested in podcasting and hunting.

We set up a few test videos using different combinations of waveforms and captions (or lack thereof).

  • Waveform Only: this video featured the audio, a moving waveform, and an image.
  • Waveform and Captions: everything above plus captions across the bottom.
  • Video w/Image: this video featured the audio and an image, that’s it!
  • Captions Only: this video featured the audio, the image and captions
  • Static Image (No Video): just like it says, this unit is simply an image, there is no audio, and it is NOT a video.

You can click on any of the video images below to view the actual video.

The Results

Video: Waveform748,7850.84%$0.81
Video: Captions738,7840.83%$0.82
Video: No Waveform, No Captions619,1100.67%$0.98
Static Image609,0500.66%$1.00
Video: Waveform and Captions578,9520.64%$1.05

Using a waveform or captions are the best two options for Instagram stories.

In this test, the results were much closer than in previous tests. The best performing video was the single waveform video, with the captioned video coming in a close second. Surprisingly, the video with no waveform or captions was in third place, followed by the static image. The worst performing unit was the one with waveform and captions. The easiest way to increase engagement on your IG stories post is to add in that moving waveform!

Thanks for checking this out, if you have a test you’d like to see us run, or would like to have your podcast considered for a future test, please email us.