Did we send you a Headliner clip on Twitter (follow us @HeadlinerVideo) and now you want to make our own just like it? Gather your audio, cover art (or any photo really), and let us show you how easy it is.

How to Use New Headliner Templates

  1. Click a template above to open it as a project in Headliner. The multicolored one lets you choose your color. (You must be logged in)
  2. Save the template to your account (see image below).
  3. Add your own audio to the timeline by clicking the blue plus bottom on the audio track.
  4. Drag the image on the media track to the end of your audio.
  5. Adjust the text on the bottom two text tracks (middle track is podcast name, and the bottom track is episode name). Drag both to the end of your audio.
  6. Add your cover art by going to the media tab and replacing the watermark (drag corners to resize).
  7. Export your video.