When you decide to create promotional materials for your podcast, it can be tough to know where to begin. What should the background image be? Can I use my podcast artwork, or do I need a special design? What font should I use? What colors perform best on Instagram? Linked-In? Twitter? Facebook? Should I use an animated waveform or progress bar? Both? The list of questions is daunting for any podcaster looking to start leveraging social media using video.

Fear not, Headliner’s here to help! Try using one of our templates to get the ball rolling on a video for the latest episode of your podcast. We’ve created templates based on styles we know do well on social media, so you’ll know you’re giving your podcast episode a great chance to drive engagement and listeners.

Every podcast is different, every audience is different, so it’s all about experimenting and seeing what performs best, we suggest trying out each of the templates with your audience and seeing how it does.

To get started, all you need to do is select a template and click on the assets on the timeline to edit/replace it with your own media, then export and share.

Templates are a great way to supercharge promoting your podcast online because they can help you create more audiograms faster than you could otherwise. And more audiograms means more promotion, which means more opportunities for people to discover your show!