Hey and welcome to the second episode of The Headliner Podcast. I’m Nick, Headliner’s in-house video editor and designated podcast host.

We’ve had a busy week here at the Headliner office. Like, literally. We actually moved offices a couple of days ago. It was a long, strenuous move to the office next to our previous one and, when all was said and done, we probably had only travelled like 20 feet.

We’ve got some really cool stuff to go over this week so let’s jump into it. But first, a bit about what Headliner is, for those of you that are new to us. We’re a video editor that you can access from your web browser that allows you to make cool social clips for your podcast to share on social media.

The general idea behind creating videos on Headliner is giving people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram an easy way to listen to a bit of your show, in order to hopefully get them to check out the full series. It’s a bit like how musicians release singles, or one off songs, in order to promote an album.

If you wanna check Headliner out, feel free to visit Headliner.app and start making videos today. You can create an account for free, and it’s super easy to use.

So on every episode of this podcast, I’m gonna be letting you know what we here at Headliner have been up to, tell you about a feature we’ve just added or one we think you should take a look at, and share a best practice or two to help make your social videos the best they can be.

And on this episode, we’ll also hear from Bailey from the Headliner team, as well as J Rodney Turner, a voice actor who hosts the Audiobook Narration for Beginners podcast.

Headliner Highlight: J Rodney Turner on why he’s focussing on his small-but-dedicated listenership:

J Rodney Turner’s podcast, which we just featured in our latest Headliner Highlight, revolves around him sharing tips and tricks for budding voice actors who want to have their voices be heard in the audiobook community.

This excerpt you’re about to hear comes straight after he shared that he uses Headliner to promote his show, and how he feels like it allows him to focus on the content he’s working on for his small, but dedicated, listenership. Take a listen.

“Could I do more? Sure I could. But for now, I’m tracking the podcast and while the audience is currently fairly small the feedback from that small audiences is universally positive. I know that my audience is a small niche group, but the information is valuable to them and anecdotal information obtained from working pros is that the information can also be valuable the narrator’s who may be more experienced and may simply need a refresher on areas of interest that assist building a thriving career in audiobook narration.”

– J Rodney Turner, host of Audiobook Narration for Beginners

I actually think that what J Rodney Turner had to say is really valuable to podcasters, especially when they’re just starting out. It’s important to remember that one of the best ways to grow your show stems from putting some really great content forward that people will want to listen to. In the case of this podcast, focussing on the episodes first and foremost means giving the most information possible to people looking to become audiobook narrators, who will return for future episodes to continue learning.

Headliner Highlight is a series where we hear from podcasters that use Headliner in order to learn a bit about their show, how they promote it, and how Headliner fits into that equation.

If you’d like to submit some audio to be featured in a future highlight, be sure to reach out to info@headliner.app and we’ll get you started on that process. Just send us a couple of sentences about your show, a link to where it’s available, and it’s social handles, and we’ll reach out to you if you’re selected for a highlight.


But what if you’ve got a great podcast on your hands that you want to share with people but find yourself too strapped for time to make a couple videos to share on social media?

Well then, we’ve got a tool just for you. We call it Autogram and basically, it’s a tool that creates videos for your podcast whenever you upload a new episode. You might have seen it on Headliner lately, and it’s something that we’re really excited to be working on. Right now, you’ve only been able to access it from the projects page, but we’ve actually just rolled out a way to sign up for it from your cell phone.

Autogram is great because it saves a bunch of time by taking the creation process out of making videos for your podcast. All you have to do is sign your show up and get the videos sent to you via email. Even if you’re only using your automated videos for one of your two or three social posts every week, that’s still one video that you didn’t have to create yourself; which could still save you a ton of time.

Replacing Media in your projects

Okay so, how about we take a second to explore a helpful trick worth keeping in your back pocket when you’re editing on Headliner. Let’s say you’ve created a video using one of our wizard and you’ve just gotten to the timeline to review and export your clip.

Everything’s going great, the video has a great snippet from your show in it; there’s just one problem. You don’t like the artwork you used for it. Maybe your podcast art doing have room for the waveform, or maybe you created an image on Canva or photoshop to use for your clip instead. Either way, you wanna swap out that artwork and you don’t feel like restarting your entire project.

That’s totally understandable, and we’ve got you covered. Headliner allows you to replace media on the timeline and all it takes to do this is a simple click on your media on lower half of the screen. That’ll open a window where you can click a replace button, and swap out your art for something else.

Featured Podcast Video:

So this week, the Headliner team saw some pretty cool audiograms, but there’s one that really blew us away. It came from WealthTalk, which is a show dedicated to helping its listeners create, build and protect their wealth by focussing on growing assets through education, support and connections.

The thing that’s really great about this video is the way that it featured a custom image and used transcription in a really unique way. The creator of this video used different colored text in order to create a dynamic and bold transcription to keep the viewer engaged for the videos runtime.

The importance of using different colored text in your videos can’t be stressed enough because, as is the nature of social media people are only kind of paying attention to content on it at any given moment.

But having color deviation there keeps your focus on the clip because it’s telling your brain that the differently colored words are important and worth being emphasized. Basically, it’s like giving your audience a sparknotes version of your content from within the content itself. This is always something I always recommend to podcasters that use Headliner to make videos, so seeing it out in the wild was pretty awesome.

If you’d like to have your audiogram clip played on the show, remember to tag @headlinervideo the next time you post a video. If selected, we’ll be sure to reach out to you in order to get everything we need to run your audio on the podcast, as well as feature it on the corresponding blog-post for this show.

In Closing…

On top of that, feel free to shoot me an email at nicholas@headliner.app if you have anything you want me to discuss on a future episode, or have a Headliner or podcasting related question you want me to take a crack at answering.

But, I’ve also got a question for you guys listening right now that I would love an answer to. On average, how long are the clips you’re posting for your podcast, and what made you decide on that length? I would love to hear a bit about that and I urge you guys to send your responses to me at nicholas@headliner.app.

And with that, I think we’ve reached a stopping point for this weeks Headliner podcast. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and that there was something, anything here, that was of value to all of you.