Hello Headliners. See the angry-looking lady in the video above? That’s Bailey. She showed up one day on a bus from South Carolina and didn’t leave. She is a small person with a big personality. She basically runs the office. Also, Bailey sits on the floor (well, not literally on the floor). She has a chair. A very low folding chair. A chair you might see at a campsite. Oh, by the way, she is also the only “she” on our 8 person team.

I want to be clear here. There is no connection between her being the only one without a proper desk and her being the only woman. This is all her doing.  I’ve offered her a normal desk, a standing desk, and even her own corner office, but here we are, 20 months later, and she’s still on the floor, like some sort of WeWork office camper.

Anyway, Bailey does marketing at Headliner. So when it came time to think of ways to share the value of Headliner’s new automation tool, Bailey sat down on the floor and got to thinking. This time, however, she thought her way into a fantastic corner. Some call it Bailey’s corner. Did I mention her part of the floor is in the back corner? But this corner I’m speaking of today is a metaphorical corner, and that corner is about to be explained below.

Enter: Make Bailey Do Things. A new segment on our podcast where you suggest a hobby, activity, or goal you would want to take on if you had extra time in your day. Bailey takes them on and reports back each week on how it’s going.

It’s really starting to sound like she’s the office pet. Actually strike that, you wouldn’t subject your pet to ANY of this. I literally had nothing to do with this idea. I’m just the messenger because Bailey doesn’t like writing blog posts.

Actually, before I get in trouble, I’m just going to show you what she said. (with her consent, of course) Here’s the slack conversation between Bailey and Nicholas (video/podcast editor) that started it all.

Check it out, and then MAKE BAILEY DO THINGS

———- Tuesday, October 1st ———-

Bailey Drake 2:25 PM

potentially fun podcast segment/idea

automation is built around the feedback

that podcasters dont have enough time

which is something that comes up a lot outside of podcasting too

“If I had more time I would learn the guitar, run more, learn to cook, etc, etc”

so we could have a thing where I sacrifice myself and take on a if i had more time challenge

Nicholas Abouhamad 2:28 PM

Ha, AutoVideo Gladiator?

wow nevermind, there are like zero gifs for “American Gladiator”

that’s a cool idea though!

Bailey Drake 2:30 PM

since automation saves me time for my non existent podcast i now how time to do the things i always wished i could do

could be a cool for a series of really shore video ‘ad’ spots too

Nicholas Abouhamad 2:32 PM

Yeah, that could definitely work. So wait, were you thinking the segment should be about podcasting explicitly, or is it just an excuse to demonstrate how something like Autovidoes hypothetically frees your day up enough to, say, run 100 miles in a month?

Bailey Drake 2:34 PM

second part.

Nicholas Abouhamad 2:35 PM

Oooh gotcha. Yeah, that would make an awesome segment. If you wanna do that, we should definitely get that recorded towards the end of the day tomorrow or something

Bailey Drake 2:36 PM

the idea is more of a progress up date each week for some time consuming goal

but potentially could use the 100 miles as an entry point

like a what’s been happening in the office type thing

that we are like maybe we should turn this into a thing

kind of talk about the process of getting to the idea

plays into marketing, which is what headliner allows them to do

so the behind the scenes listen to how an idea is formed then executed

Nicholas Abouhamad 2:39 PM

Ohhh gotcha. Yeah, this is a great idea that we should definitely do. Like it’s giving listeners a narrative to follow, which allows to basically sell them on AutoVideo, demonstrate the value of it and also humanize/put us first at the same time

Bailey Drake 2:40 PM

also allows for interaction

what should we make bailey do this month or week

Nicholas Abouhamad 2:40 PM

Yesss, great idea

Bailey Drake 2:45 PM

i’m down

We need your help, let us know what you would do (will do?) with an extra hour in your life. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast to see if we choose your suggestion for something we Make Bailey Do

This is some real life Millennial Sh*t

**No Bailey’s were harmed in the creation of this idea. Don’t worry, she does what she wants**