At Headliner, we are constantly working to improve. Our team is always looking for ways to make creating a video on Headliner easier and more exciting, whether that be with updates to the app, new video templates, or partnerships with other brands working in the same space. Recently, Headliner has seen some super exciting updates to both the platform and the Headliner family, and now, we’re going to share them with you!

Integration with Podcast Hosting Platforms

First and foremost, Headliner is proud to announce our partnership with both Castos and Podigee! Both Castos and Podigee are well-known podcast hosting platforms designed to help upload, distribute, and market podcasts from independent and corporate creators. These platforms help creators distribute their podcasts to listening and streaming services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts and help users understand their podcasts’ ratings and analytics.

Now, if you use Castos or Podigee to host your podcast, you can create promotional videos with Headliner from within the Castos or Podigee interface! Headliner’s integration with Castos and Podigee will help users discover the power of video paired with their podcast audio and improve the ease with which they can share promotional podcast videos across various platforms. 

New Content Management System

Next, we’re excited to announce that we have updated our automation product to include a super-useful content management system. Now, when you visit the ‘Automations’ tab, you’ll see all the podcasts you have set up automation for in the past stored in a column on the left side of your screen. Click through each podcast and you’ll be able to see videos you’ve already made for each episode.

Besides improved organization, the updated CMS will also make the job of creating new automation super easy. You’ll be able to choose your podcast directly from the ‘Automation’ tab and set up new automation without needing to search for or upload your podcast. 

New Automation Templates

In yet another exciting update to our automation product, Headliner is now featuring a bunch of new and improved templates! Templates make it easy to give your automated podcast videos a touch of visual interest and can help you catch the eye of bored social media scrollers without making you spend a bunch of time customizing the look and feel of your podcast videos. Once you reach the end of the Automation Wizard, you’ll be given the choice of a number of exciting templates.

Each new template features unique backgrounds, waveforms, animations, and text, so you have plenty of options to choose from when deciding on the aesthetic of your podcast promotion videos. Want to see examples of our new and improved templates? Check out our video featuring demonstrations of our latest updates and examples of our awesome new templates. P.S. you can also subscribe to the Headliner YouTube channel while you’re at it!

Mobile Audiograms

On to the biggest announcement of all! Headliner Video has made it possible to share podcast videos and audiograms via mobile for a while, but up until now, you couldn’t actually create on the mobile app. Sharing podcast marketing videos required users to first create videos using the desktop version of Headliner, and only then would they be given the option to share videos using the mobile app.

A glorious change has been made, and now, Headliner users can create custom podcast audiograms right from their phones! That’s right, you can now create promotional content for your podcast no matter where you are.

Like the desktop version, creating podcast audiograms using the mobile app is super easy. Search for your podcast in the Headliner database, or upload an audio file directly from your phone. Once you’ve chosen the episode you want to use, you’ll be brought to a screen to clip your audio; on mobile, you can create podcast videos up to 10 minutes, the perfect length to draw listeners in and leave them wanting more.

Next, you’ll choose your ideal aspect ratio, depending of course upon the platform you intend to share your podcast video on. You’ll be able to choose from landscape, square, and portrait, so you can optimize your videos no matter which platform you choose. Your podcast cover art will automatically be added to the audiogram, then you’ll have the chance to choose different backgrounds, waveforms, and images.

Once you’re satisfied, all you have to do is select “Create Video.” Your new audiogram will be ready for sharing! The Headliner mobile app also makes sharing videos super easy and integrates with most social media and video sharing platforms.

Want to stay informed on all the latest news and updates? Visit Headliner to learn more, check out our blog, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!