Podcasting has taken the world by storm, replacing radio, music, and audiobooks for countless listeners around the globe. Podcast lovers consume their favorite shows during their commute, while working out, while walking dogs, cleaning, in the shower, and even just lounging around on the couch. Podcasts have become so popular, that there are now nearly one million podcasts streaming on the web.

Part of what has made podcasts so popular is how easy they are to make. Creators need little more than a laptop and microphone to create their own podcast content. With millions of listeners globally, even the most niche topics can gain a significant following. Another reason podcasts have become so popular is because they are readily accessible by audiences.

Podcasts can basically be found anywhere on the internet, from YouTube to tiny independent platforms with only a few dozen followers. Where the real podcast magic happens, however, is on smartphones. The majority of podcast listeners discover and listen to their podcasts via their mobile devices, using them on the go and at home to easily consume awesome audio content.

Though there are many smartphones available to consumers, a vast portion prefers Android devices over the competition. Android users most often use Google Podcasts to discover and listen to their favorite content. Still, unless you have taken the initiative to submit your podcast to Google Podcasts, you likely won’t be seeing much traffic from Android audiences.

If you have been dreaming about reaching Android audiences, you’re in luck: Ross Winn from Podcast Insights has created a super helpful guide to submitting your podcast to Google Podcasts. Winn goes through the entire process step by step and even includes images to make the task even easier.

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