At Headliner, we make promoting your podcast with video super easy. Whether you’re creating on desktop or on the app, Headliner is the easiest way to create short audiograms and long-form podcast videos without any prior knowledge of video making or editing. All you need to get started promoting your podcast with Headliner is a podcast. Search for your podcast or upload your own audio file, then customize your video with an audiogram, progress bar, GIF, or a moving transcript. 

To make the job of creating promotional podcast videos even easier, our team is constantly creating new video templates for you to choose from. Our pre-made templates are easy to use, colorful, and diverse, so there’s a perfect option for every kind of podcast. Check out our latest batch of mood-setting podcast video templates now available for use in Headliner. 

Two Eighty

Remind yourself and your followers of the power of social media with this social themed template! Watch your video get automatically ‘liked’ with this template, and share your latest episode with listeners in a familiar format. Designed to blend in AND stand out on social media, this template is the perfect fun and subtle design to attract new listeners. 


True to its name, this template flips between images at breakneck speed and is chock-full of fast-changing graphics and text, flipping between reminders to listen and turn sound on and images of your podcast’s cover art. Emblazoned on with an eye-catching “new episode”, this template is perfect for advertising the latest from your podcast. 


Ethereal, funky, and oh so beautiful, this podcast video template features a stunning purple background swirled with touches of lavender and dotted with bright stars. Float the cover of your podcast out in space and get the message out: listening to your podcast is an out-of-this-world experience. 


Put the cover of your podcast on all six sides of a cube and watch it rotate while listening to a clip of your latest episode. This visually appealing and mesmerizing podcast video template features a subtle audiogram at the bottom of the screen, just in case you manage to tear your eyes away from the cube. 


The 90s are so in, and so is this awesome podcast video template! Featuring funky pinks, purples, and teals, this template is a cheerful backdrop for any podcast, and a purple audiogram adds a touch of extra visual interest to catch the eye. 

Mic Life

This podcast video template features a super-cute background dotted with tiny microphones. Frame the cover of your podcast in a border of blues and purple rays, and enjoy the geometric diversity of this template. 


At first glance, this template is simple, featuring a black, diamond-patterned background. Upon further examination, you’ll notice a yellow splash audiogram in the center of the template, just peeking out from behind your podcast cover art. 


Even a simple audiogram can catch the eye, and that’s just what we’re proving with this super-simple podcast video template. Before the video plays, the background of this audiogram template merely looks like a solid dark grey with a light blue line running through it. Expanding from just a line to a quickly flickering audiogram, this template has more to offer than immediately meets the eye. 

Creating Your Own Templates

Not feeling inspired by any of our creations? With Headliner and the Headliner app, you can easily create your own custom templates to promote your videos. Include images or GIFs from your own content, or add simple backgrounds to create your desired aesthetic. With Headliner, you can include optional text, subtitles, audiograms in a number of shapes and styles, and more. Design your own unique template and use it again and again to create a consistent brand, or switch it up to keep your fans on their toes. 

Advertisements and Full Episodes

Whether you want to share a short clip of your podcast to promote your show, or you are interested in sharing full episodes on sites like YouTube, Headliner can help you do just that. To create short promotional videos, use Headliner to select and clip your desired audio, then customize the look of your podcast video before quickly and easily uploading to a variety of social media sites. Short videos featuring simple animations perform better and receive more engagement than static images alone, and a simple one-minute promotional podcast video can help you begin to grow your audience. 

While you may not want to start creating videos for YouTube, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of its massive consumer base. YouTube is one of the first places podcast listeners go to consume their favorite content, and sharing episodes of your podcast to the platform can help exposure audiences to your content. With Headliner, you can create and upload full-length podcast episode videos in minutes without ever taking a video editing course. 

Want to reach a bigger audience? Start promoting your podcast and start creating awesome videos with Headliner