It’s update time, people! In our quest to become the universe’s best podcast video-making platform, the Headliner team is constantly working to improve the user experience and get the word out! To make sure you can keep up with regular app updates, our team periodically shares videos covering all the latest Headliner news. If you haven’t been checking out our video updates, what are you doing? Get over to our YouTube channel and enjoy exciting news about your favorite app! 

Here’s the latest from our team: 

Libsyn and Headliner Integration

We get excited whenever another company shows interest in our app, but we gotta admit, this is pretty big and exciting news! Libsyn has integrated Headliner directly into its dashboard, enabling users to create podcast videos and audiograms from within Libsyn. Libsyn has been a preferred podcast hosting and distribution platform for more than 15 years, and we are so excited to be able to podcast promotion videos to their many loyal users. 

Automation Updates

If you haven’t already used the Headliner Automation Wizard, this super simple tool makes creating podcast videos and audiograms so easy, you basically don’t have to do anything! Simply link your podcast’s RSS feed into Headliner, and we’ll automatically check for new episodes, then create videos and audiograms to your exact specifications. Next time you log in to Headliner, your podcast videos will be finished and ready for publishing. 

The automation feature takes the work out of creating promotional audiograms and podcast videos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touch. Choose from a variety of aspect ratios, templates, and styles to create something that is uniquely yours. 

Previously, this feature was only available for podcast episodes published after users had set up the automation. Thanks to fan-demand and the diligent work of our team, Headliner now supports video creation for your episode backlog! Just choose the episode you want videos for and Headliner gets to work. 

Editor Updates

First off, shout out to Rob, host of Adventure Bound, who we met at a social media session at Pod Fest earlier this month in Orlando. If you check out our recent updates video, we use Adventure Bound in one of our examples! Thanks for being a cool guy, Rob! 

Second, for Headliner users utilizing our more advanced video creation features in the editor, you are now able to move media tracks. If you are using transparent layers and you make a mistake or decide you want to change things up, you can now move your tracks around to get more advanced features without feeling the stress of figuring out layering at the very beginning.

Third, if you click on your text track, you are now able to duplicate it. This enables you to duplicate the same style of text track throughout the timeline of your video without needing to go back and manually re-create from scratch; just change the specific text as needed!

Audiogram Wizard Updates

If you have a specific aesthetic and make a lot of audiograms, you probably get tired of resetting your preferences every time. To help make the process of creating audiograms a little easier, the Headliner Audiogram Wizard now remembers your recently used settings so you can easily duplicate a style or aesthetic without needing to set preferences from scratch. 

Headlines about Headliner

Joshua Dudley from Forbes wrote an article about Headliner in late February. In Headliner Turns Podcasts Into Shareable Videos to Crack the Discoverability Problem, Dudley describes some of the difficulties faced by podcasters trying to share their content with a wider audience. Dudley covers a ton of interesting information regarding podcast promotion, gives Oliver and Neil a sweet shoutout, and shares the lowdown on how Headliner is helping podcasters promote their content. 

We Got Apps!

One big takeaway from Pod Fest this year was discovering that lots of people still have no idea that we have actual mobile apps! That’s right, folks, is officially a mobile app available for download on both Apple and Android devices. So far, our customers seem to be loving it, and we’ve been seeing lots of positive feedback in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.  

With the Headliner app, users can create custom audiograms, set up video automation, and share existing videos to their favorite social media platforms. With lots of new templates and exciting customization features to choose from, now is a great time to join the Headliner community and start promoting your podcast. 
Overcome the discoverability problem and promote your podcast with Headliner! Visit us online and be sure to check out our blog to stay up to date on our latest news and app updates.