The world has been turned upsidedown by the novel COVID-19 outbreak, including life at Headliner headquarters. Usually based out of New York, our team has been scattered across the country and are now working remotely, making the best of pandemic life. In the spirit of getting through these strange and confusing times together, we are making a few changes to our podcast to gear it more towards you, our audience of amazing podcasters. 

Each week, we’re going to send out a newsletter to anyone that wants to be in the know with instructions for how to get involved with that week’s podcast. You can sign up for the said newsletter here. This week, we asked our loyal listeners to share how COVID-19 has actually impacted their podcasts and businesses. 

While the presence of a life-threatening virus is plenty to worry about, concerns of economic decline and the impact COVID-19 will have on businesses is only adding to the stress of individuals worldwide. With no true precedent to indicate how the situation will end, it is currently impossible to say what the final results of the coronavirus outbreak will be, and any speculation as to final results is just that, speculation. 

For now, we wanted to know how real business owners and podcasters are being affected, and to learn whether COVID-19 has hurt, helped, or made no impact on the success of their work. 

For Adriane Berg, host of Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging, coronavirus has had an inadvertent positive impact. Coronavirus has created a buzz around the topic of aging, vulnerability, and agism, creating more interest in the topic and leading more listeners to Generation Bold. 

Dawain Atkinson of The B.A.R. Podcast and The B.A.R. Podcast Network says now is surprisingly a great time to be in podcasting. Dawain is glad to be able to provide people stuck at home with content during this period of COVID-19 social distancing. 

Describing the current status of the world as “surreal times”, Civilla Morgan of Childless Not By Choice Podcast and Not Just Another Religion and Politics Podcast is focusing specifically on catering to people in quarantine, marketing her episodes for the COVID-19 era. 

Mae Thomas from the indie music podcast Maed In India says production of her podcast has essentially stopped, with travel restrictions preventing guests from flying into Bombay. Despite being unable to create new content, Mae is working on some post-production for already recorded podcasts, and feels that despite social distancing, the world is working together to get through the coronavirus crisis. 

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