We have been loving hearing your answers to our questions, and are thrilled to see how many of you want to participate in the Headliner podcast! Last week, we asked you to tell us what you wish you had known before you started podcasting. You can check out last week’s episode here. This week, we sent out the following question in our newsletter: What are the top three ways you promote your podcast? 

We’re curious to know what tools, tricks, and techniques you use to get the word out about your podcast. Here’s what y’all had to say: 

Ira Wolf from Geeks, Geezers & Googlization uses Libsyn to host his podcast, then reposts each episode to the Geeks, Geezers & Googlization website. Ira creates a blog post for each episode to be posted on his corporate site, Success Performance Solutions. Ira also posts podcast episodes and blogs to his preferred social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and has been inspired by Headliner to start posting to Instagram! To help with SEO, Ira always makes sure to link his guests’ blogs, websites, and podcasts. Ira also does a fair amount of public speaking, and hands out promotional postcards at every event. 

Jürgen Strauss from The InnovaBuzz Podcast, which is approaching its 300th episode, utilizes the Internet to its fullest to promote his work. Jürgen always includes new episodes of his podcast in the Tales of Marketing Transformation newsletter, posts them to social media, and uses Headliner to create audiograms to share widely on social media. The team at The InnovaBuzz Podcast also pulls some key clips and quotes from each interview that are shared in the newsletter or posted as an audiogram using Headliner. Beyond his own podcast, Jürgen works hard to help others build their podcast presence, and is currently working on a program to teach others to start, promote, and run their own podcasts. 

After he publishes each podcast to Libsyn, Austin Gates from the More Than Just A Movie podcast double-checks to make sure they are placed in the correct order on the timeline on Facebook and Twitter. Next, Austin shares his podcast to social media sites that support Soundcloud and Spotify sharing; these are popular podcast streaming services, and help to make people comfortable clicking the links. Third, Austin posts his podcasts to YouTube, then shares them directly from YouTube to his social media. 

First and foremost, Mark Leslie Lefebvre from the Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing podcast uses Headliner to capture a short provocative soundbite of his latest guest, then shares it to various social media sites while making sure to tag the guest in each post. To make his podcast extra visible, Mark has embedded the show notes and podcast feed directly within his main author website. Since Mark records his podcasts via Zoom, he has a readily available video of each episode; with his guests’ permission, Mark will upload the podcast in video form to YouTube to draw in more viewers. Mark has also started uploading an audio-only version to YouTube to increase its chances of being found. 

For Myles Biggs, host of the Relish the Journey podcast, the biggest secret to podcast promotion is to cross-promote; having guests on, promoting and linking their work, and getting shoutouts and links in return is a great way to expand your audience and find likeminded individuals. Myles has also found public speaking useful for getting the word out about his podcast and has been lucky enough to speak at the International Builder’s Show in Los Vegas and has a TED Talk event coming up where he will also promote his podcast. Finally, Myles wrote a book based on themes from his podcast, and he predicts that it will quickly be becoming his favorite way of promoting his podcast as soon as it is released. 

Sarah Tisdale loves to promote her podcast, Secret Gardening with Sarah, by sharing stories on Instagram, sharing links to new episodes in her monthly newsletters, and using Headliner videos to give her social media audience a sneak peek. 

George Wu from Navigating the Rise promotes his podcast by sending episodes to his listeners via email, sharing on social media, and with guest appearances on other podcasts to expand his audience. 

Sam Pasco from the Pasco Sports loves using Canva.com to easily make promotional graphics that he posts to his social media accounts, and he has found that they really help catch the eye. Sam also believes that joining multiple social media platforms can help to improve your findability. Though initially hesitant to take on extra social media responsibilities, Sam is glad to now have both Twitter and Instagram accounts for Pasco Sports. Finally, Sam always makes sure to tag friends and industry experts in every post he makes, and utilizes hashtags to make sure he takes advantage of trends. 

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