We are officially in the month of July, which means we are officially in the middle of summer. While most of us are no longer enjoying the summer vacations of our childhood, that doesn’t mean we aren’t relaxing in our own ways! We’re obviously obsessed with podcasts, which means this summer we’re planning to enjoy as many episodes from our favorite shows as possible. 

One of our favorite ways to discover podcasts is by browsing through newly created Headliner videos – which is something we do pretty often! When we find an extra good one, we make sure to share it with you to get the word out about some of the amazing things being created in the Headliner community.

10. Let’s Stay Together Talk Show

The Let’s Stay Together Talk Show – hosted by husband and wife duo Rick and Brenda McCain – is an uplifting podcast that combines real stories and life lessons with a Christian flair and a whole lot of excellent music. To promote the show, the folks at Let’s Stay Together shared an amazing Headliner video that features the show’s cover art and a simple waveform. 

9. Please Don’t Kick Me Out

It’s hard to resist a podcast video made using one of our all-time favorite video templates – ‘Motif’ – so we won’t even bother trying! Thankfully, Motif is a fan favorite too, so we get to see plenty of its funky retro flavor! It’s also hard to resist a relatable podcast like Please Don’t Kick Me Out, which is why we had to include it in this week’s list! Hosted by Bianca Wulwick, this podcast is all about imposter syndrome, and feeling like you don’t fit in even when you are at the top of your game. 

8. Drea’s Point of View

Drea’s Point of View is a short, weekly podcast covering everything from pop culture to personal opinions. Geared towards people with short attention spans, Drea’s Point of View gets right to the point and shares everything you need to know in ten minutes or less. This week, the folks at Drea’s Point of View created and shared a Headliner video using a clip from a recent episode all about what a man’s drink order says about his personality. 

7. Extraordinary Thoughts for the Ordinary Mind

Hosted by Marine and motivational speaker Demetrius Thigpen, the Extraordinary Thoughts for the Ordinary Mind podcast is a show aimed at helping listeners to overcome excuses and to achieve excellence. This week, Demetrius shared an excellent Headliner video featuring a photo of himself and a simple round waveform to add some visual interest to the video. The topic of this week’s episode: accepting where you are, accepting your own presence, and accepting that the journey is ongoing. 

6. Don’t Mix In

The Don’t Mix In podcast is hosted by psychologist, wife, mom, and influencer Vivian Rodriguez and delves deep into all topics relating to life like relationships, motherhood, work, current events, and even fashion. This week, Vivian is talking about the painful process of purchasing a swimsuit, and shared an awesome Headliner video to promote the ep. 

5. Goblins & Gambles

A tabletop RPG podcast, Goblins & Gambles brings the fun of game night with your buddies right to your ears, and without you needing to stock up on snacks for a bunch of people. Each episode, the hosts of Goblins & Gambles work together to get through a portion of Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path and bring the listeners along for the adventure. To promote the most recent episode, the folks at Goblins & Gambles shared an awesome green monochromatic podcast video complete with captions and a lime green waveform. 

4. Hollywood Unscripted

If you love all things film, Hollywood Unscripted is the podcast for you. This fascinating in-depth look at the world of film features stories from directors, writers, actors, and producers all intimately involved in creating some of Hollywood’s best and most exciting media. Recently, the folks at Hollywood Unscripted sat down with actor Alfre Woodard and director Chinonye Chukwu to discuss Clemency, a film focused on topics like the prison industrial complex and the death penalty. The folks at Hollywood Unscripted shared a short clip from the interview to Instagram in the form of a Headliner video

3. I Saw Him First

Hosted by self-proclaimed love-therapist and blogger Taiwo Daffodil, the I Saw Him First podcast is a funny, uplifting, and insightful look at the world of dating. Recently, Taiwo shared an awesome podcast video featuring a clip from an episode entitled “Why You Should Definitely Multidate In Your Twenties.” The ep features personal stories from Taiwo’s own experiences, and lots of advice for taking on the world of dating in your twenties. 

2. Billionaire Lifestyle

Speaker, author, and solar energy trainer Emmitt Muckles is the host of Billionaire Lifestyle, a podcast geared towards helping people to live their dreams and achieve personal freedom. Freedom and happiness exist beyond monetary wealth, something that Emmitt knows all too well. By sharing stories, insight, and advice from some of the world’s top minds, the Billionaire Lifestyle encourages listeners to create their own roadmap to their ideal lifestyle. This week, Emmitt shared a Headliner video to promote an episode featuring guest speaker Dr. Jane Elliot, famous for her Blue Eyes & Brown Eyes experiment which tackles the topic of racial bias. 

1. 512 Brewed

Foodie, blogger, and podcaster Joey from Good People Cool Things proved this week that you don’t have to be self-promoting to make an awesome Headliner video. Joey created an incredible podcast video using Headliner to promote his episode of the 512 Brewed podcast. 512 Brewed, hosted by Caitlin Johnson and Melanie, is a Texas-based beer podcast all about the making and drinking of your favorite brews. 

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