We’ll admit it, we’re a little obsessed with ourselves, which is why we LOVE seeing what people create using the Headliner app! Each week, we scour Twitter and Instagram to find the best and most exciting new podcast videos made with Headliner, then, we share our top 10 favorites here with you! 

10. Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You is a hilarious podcast featuring stories from auditions and casting calls gone wrong in the worlds of theater, TV, and film. To promote an episode about why you should always wear your glasses to an audition, the folks at the Don’t Call Us Pod shared an awesome Headliner video featuring a simple waveform. This episode features director, playwright, and actor Michelle Payne, and long-time Don’t Call Us host Christopher Bartlett-Walford.

9. Toss It Out

We’ve featured the Toss It Out podcast before, and that’s because they are always making awesome videos using Headliner! Toss It Out is all about learning to question your beliefs and recognizing that being right isn’t everything. This week, hosts Kenny and Matt discuss toxic positivity and how we can all learn to stop forcing ourselves and others to look on the bright side. Kenny and Matt shared an excellent podcast video featuring a subtle waveform that looks like sparkles! 

8. Liv Luv Lux

Liv Luv Lux is a manifestation podcast where host Nicole teaches listeners to use focus, intention, and imagination to get what they want from life. This week, Nicole welcomed special guest Reiki Master Melissa Scafidi to discuss Raiki, manifestation, and the process. To promote the episode, Nicole shared a beautiful podcast video featuring captions and a “sound on” sticker to remind listeners to turn on their sound!

7. Don’t Mix In

The Don’t Mix In podcast, hosted by school psychologist, mom, and influencer Dr. Vivian Rodriguez, is a podcast covering life-topics like style, confidence, and mental health. This week, Dr. Vivian shared an awesome Headliner video to promote the latest episode of the Don’t Mix In podcast featuring special guest Cynthia L. Ficken and a discussion on LGBTQIA+ allyship. 

6. Cooking the Books

Food journalist Gilly Smith hosts Cooking the Books, a podcast for people who love food. Cooking the Books features stories from some of your favorite food writers, and covers everything from recipes to mishaps in the kitchen. This week, Gilly shared a podcast video to promote the latest episode featuring Olia Hercules and her book “Summer Kitchens: Recipes and Reminiscences from Every Corner of Ukraine.” 

5. Let’s Talk About Errrrythang with JonseySweet

Let’s Talk About Errrrythang is a podcast hosted by actress, model, host, and speaker Jonsey Sweet. Recently, Jonsey shared an awesome Headliner video featuring one of our most popular templates “Cubetica” to promote the latest episode. In this episode, Jonsey has a candid conversation with Pastor Roscoe Harris in the last of a three-part series entitled “Candid Conversations.” Pastor Roscoe and Jonsey discuss the BLM movement, trauma, violence, and community. 

4. Culinary School Stories

The Culinary School Stories podcast hosted by chef, writer, and educator Colin Roche is a podcast that features, as its name suggests, stories from culinary school! This new series features stories from guest chefs who share their experiences in and around their culinary education. To promote this week’s episode with guest chef Tamara Earl, Colin shared a simple podcast video using the “Take A Listen” template.

3. Blaze Your Own Trail

The Blaze Your Own Trail podcast hosted by Jordan Mendoza focuses on the stories of entrepreneurs and innovators that have created their own paths in life. This week, Jordan sat down to interview real estate consultant Justin Pogue. The pair discuss property ownership, rentals, and Justin’s book: Rental Secrets. Jordan promoted the episode with a simple Headliner video featuring a red waveform and a matching red progress bar. 

2. Thank Her Now

Thank Her Now is a new bi-weekly podcast celebrating and discussing the important role women play in our lives. Thank Her Now is all about having empowering conversations and teaching women to become their own cheerleaders. The folks at Thank Her Now shared an awesome podcast video featuring an image of host Angela V. McKnight and a simple yellow waveform to promote episode 2: “Failure is Your Friend, Not Your Foe.”

1. Brand Party

The Brand Party podcast hosted by Christine Lieu tips and insight into building a brand, and features special guests like Bianca Lee (DJ and founder of Sunday Soul Service) who share their own experiences in life and business. The folks at Brand Party shared a beautiful and bright podcast video to promote this week’s episode complete with a turquoise waveform and simple captions.

Your podcast could be featured in next week’s top 10! All you have to do is create a video using Headliner, then share it to Twitter or Instagram and tag @HeadlinerVideo.