As podcasters, it can feel a little strange to self-promote, especially when getting someone to listen to a whole episode of your podcast without knowing anything about it can be a little bit tricky. Unlike movies, tv shows, books, and other forms of traditional entertainment, there are no trailers or previews of podcasts, which means that attracting new listeners largely depends on word-of-mouth. 

At Headliner, we’re working to make podcast promotion a little easier. With the Headliner App, users can create short videos and audiograms that can easily be shared to social media. Headliner videos include short audio clips of your podcast, and can be customized to include video, animations, static images, waveforms, captions, and more. 

Our users have already proven just how powerful Headliner is with their incredible creations, which is why we like to share some of our favorites each and every week. This week, we’re featuring three awesome podcasts whose creators have recently used Headliner to create eye-catching promotional videos that they’ve shared with followers on social media. 

3. Not a Class Project

If you like jovial ramblings and podcasts that cover everything under the sun, Not a Class Project is probably the podcast for you. Each episode follows a basic formula: first, hosts Ty and Mel talk current events, diving in-depth on the latest news and hottest topics. Next, they’ll talk weather, really digging into the local (to them) report to let us know what is on the horizon. Finally, it’s a free for all, as Ty and Mel let go of the reigns and talk about whatever comes to mind. Funny, smart, and easy to listen to, episodes of Not a Class Project boast tantalizing titles like ‘Toilet Talk’ and ‘Jesus Was a Hipster.’ 

The folks at Not a Class Project created and shared an excellent Headliner video this week to promote a recent episode, and we think it’s a great example of how you can take something simple and make it super visually appealing. Featuring a super-simple static background of the show’s basic cover art, the Not a Class Project folks added a waveform to give the video movement and to let followers know to click for sound. 

2. It’s Only a Game Show

Who knew there was so much to talk about when it came to game shows, but one thing is for sure, we’re fascinated by the secret behind the scenes world of game shows. It’s Only a Game Show is a podcast all about the making and playing of some of your favorite game shows, and of some you’ve never even heard of. Hosts Bev, Mark, Mark, and Matt take turns choosing a show, then share their knowledge with the group and their listeners. Together, they tackle stories of success, failure, and even cheating that contribute to the game’s history, and ultimately let us know whether it’s worth watching, or if you should just stick to the old classics. 

In a recent episode, the gang discusses a homemade version of The Crystal Maze, the various elements of its play, and go over their thoughts on getting stuck in a maze. To promote the piece, the folks at It’s Only a Game Show shared a sophisticated and highly entertaining Headliner video. Taking their creation to the next level, the It’s Only a Game Show team added video, graphics, a waveform, and captions to create a super engaging promotional tool. 

1. Caffeinated & Confident

The Caffeinated & Confident podcast, hosted by JP and Harlow, features the occasional conversation on coffee and lots of talk on what it takes to live a balanced life, fitness, support systems, and more. Like sitting with two friends talking, Caffeinated & Confident might not always be about coffee, but it is always the perfect podcast to enjoy with your favorite beverage and a little peace and quiet. 

The most recent episode of the Caffeinated & Confident podcast features special guest Michael Warren, author and CEO of Marriage Declassified, which helps couples to lead happier, healthier relationships. To promote the ep, the folks at Caffeinated & Confident shared an excellent promotional Headliner video featuring one of our most popular templates: Cubetica. The constantly rotating cube keeps viewers mesmerized, so by the time they actually start listening to the podcast audio, they’re already hooked. 

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