When we set out to create the Headliner app, we knew we wanted to help podcasters to promote themselves and their content, but we had no idea the enormous range of shows that would begin to use our product. This week, we’re focusing on three awesome music-focused podcasts that have been using Headliner to create short promotional videos and audiograms. These three podcasts prove just how diverse the music industry is, and offer an amazing example of the thousands of ways you can create videos with Headliner. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s top 3 music podcasts: 

3. A DJ Speaks

Hosted by Tony Simmons aka DJ Tony Tone, A DJ Speaks is a podcast with a mission to educate through stories of real-life encounters and music. A heavy-hitting hip hop DJ, Tony fuses his personal experience working professionally as an entertaining with his passion for connecting with people and helping them to become their best selves. Each episode of A DJ Speaks features a unique lesson interwoven with music to create an immersive learning experience and emotional response. 

To promote a recent episode on the topic of greed and its impact on ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us, DJ Tony Tone shared a simple Headliner video featuring the show’s cover art and a bright blue eye-catching waveform. Easy to listen to, deeply profound, and full of incredible music, this is the kind of music podcast you won’t want to miss if you’ve been searching for some inspiration. 

2. The Robert Black Music Podcast

Ever wonder what the world of musical impersonators looks like? Well wonder no longer, The Robert Black Music Podcast has the inside scoop on some of the world’s best tribute acts! Hosted by Robert Black, New England’s premier Elvis and Johnny Cash tribute artist, The Robert Black Music Podcast covers everything from the histories and lives of famous musical artists to the work of the tribute artists that have learned to look, sound, and move like them. 

The folks at The Robert Black Music Podcast recently shared a super brightly colored and creative Headliner video to promote a shorter episode with updates from Robert Black and information on an upcoming Creedance Clearwater revival tribute. The video is full of movement, geometric shapes, and animations that make this video come alive and really make you want to click. While you’re at it, learn a little more about the King of Rock ‘n Roll by checking out the Elvis Presley History episode.

1. Bad Habits with Cee & Notion

Hosted by brothers and MCs Cee and Notion of The Movement Fam, the Bad Habits with Cee & Notion podcast features stories, opinions, and insight on the world of music, music culture, and music production. Each week, Cee and Notion cover current events and music news, delving deep into how heavy-hitting artists are changing the game, and giving insight into moves from your favorite artists that only members of the music industry could understand. Cee and Notion are unfiltered, well informed, and totally entertaining, and Bad Habits is the kind of pod you’ll get addicted to in no time. 

Recently, the folks at Bad Habits with Cee & Notion shared a super Headliner video featuring a black and white static image paired with a multicolored rainbow waveform. In the episode, called ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain’, Cee and Notion discuss Travis Scott’s recent ghostwriting scandal, legal allegations brought against Common, Drake’s newest album, and tidbits of news from tons of major players in the worlds of hip hop and rap.  

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