We’ve received thousands of requests from all of you to integrate Headliner with Anchor. This hasn’t happened in any sort of official capacity, however, all of this is now possible using the Headliner Video Maker Chrome Extension.

Podcasting is all about workflows. From recording, to editing, to publishing and promoting, the better your workflow is, the more efficient you can be. The Headliner Video Maker chrome extension is all about improving your podcast promotion workflow, and increasing your efficiency. It’s easy to install and simple to use, check out the details below.

Step 1: Install the Chrome Extension

Open Chrome and navigate here then click the blue “Add to Chrome” button

Just Click the Blue Button and You’re Off to the Races

Step 2: Go to Your Anchor Profile and/or Account

You can create Headliner videos from three places:

  1. Your Public Anchor Profile (No need to log in to Anchor)
  2. Your Episodes Area (Must be logged in to Anchor)
  3. Your Episode Segment Area (Must be logged in to Anchor)

Below are three screenshots showing the placement of the Headliner Video Button (you’ll want to find it, and then push that button):

Profile Page



Step 3: Create Headliner Video

After pushing the Headliner Button, you’ll be brought through our video creation wizard to easily create and export your video!

Standard Headliner Wizard Flow, You Know the Drill

In Conclusion…

So that is about it, it’s a pretty simple process that should help you save time when making your next Headliner Video directly from your Anchor account. We hope you enjoy! If you have any feedback on this project/suggestions, ideas, or issues, please write to support@headliner.app thank you!