Since Headliner has some new templates, we thought it was time to run some new tests to see which ones may work for you. A few things to keep in mind, every podcast is different and so is your audience. What works well for one podcast may not work for another. The point is always about experimenting, trying new things out, and finding which creative works the best to drive listeners to your podcast.

Social Sunshine Podcast

First off, I’d like to say thanks to Britney over at the Social Sunshine Podcast for letting her podcast be the guinea pig of this experiment. Here’s some more info from their site:

The Social Sunshine Podcast helps you build a brand, make an impact and have fun on social media. We’re talking all things social media every week including incredible guests from the online marketing world, social media news and our featured Social Spotlight.

The Tools

I used Headliner Automation to quickly create the 8 test videos. I did this by setting up 8 individual automations for the podcast. Britney from the Social Sunshine Podcast sent me the exact clip she wanted to use, so when my videos arrived, I just clicked on the “Choose Another Clip” button to swap out the automatically selected audio for the precise clip she wanted. Even with this extra work, I was able to create the 8 different videos in less than an hour.

For this test I tried out Ad Espresso for the first time. Compared to the new Facebook AB testing platform, it was super easy to get up and running. Also, the reporting after the fact was also awesome compared to going through all of this on FB. I highly recommend trying it out if you want to quickly test different creative. (Obviously it allows you to test more than just the creative, but for our purposes that was the feature I was looking for)

The Videos


All of these videos can be created quickly and easily via Headliner AutoVideos.

The Results:

As you can see in the table below, Motif and Space both came in at over 4% CTR. Cubetica, GEO, and Breakneck all were over 3% CTR, with Ticker and Eight Twenty over 2% CTR. It is interesting because I ran a similar test for a few weeks ago with totally different content in which Ticker was the winner, but for whatever reason, it is the big loser here, which just goes to show that it’s important to try out different styles of video to see what performs for you. Also, keep in mind that what does well today, may be different than what does well tomorrow, so mix it up and never stop experimenting with this stuff yourself.

Screenshot from AdEspresso Dashboard