Increasing podcast discoverability requires a multifaceted approach, but video can be a powerful addition to your social media marketing mix. Podcast listeners have more choice than ever before, but luckily, there are also more listeners than ever before.

Monthly podcast consumers grew by 16% year-over-year, cresting 100 million Americans for the first time in 2020. (The Infinite Dial 2020)

Video is Crucial to Digital Content Strategy

In 2019, video was the #1 form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics. (Source: Hubspot 2020 State of Marketing)

Users have come to expect video as a core component of your marketing mix. While podcasting in its purist form doesn’t include video, podcast marketers are seeing success in using video to promote their content, from short clips to full episodes.

Headliner helps you create videos to engage with your fans across all social platforms, from audiograms with waveforms and captions, to full episode vodcasts. (Read: “How to Vodcast Your Podcast“)

Social Media Still Reigns Supreme in Brand Recognition

According to HootSuite’s Social Media Trends 2020 report, 52% of all brand recognition still happens on public channels.

By creating videos for your social media channels, you’re setting yourself up to catch the eyes and attention of potential new listeners.

To recap, we know that the pool of podcast listeners is larger than ever before, and that video is a powerful tool in your marketing mix to increase podcast discoverability. Finally, social media is a prime location to position yourself in front of new listeners. When you put those pieces together, creating videos with Headliner to promote your podcast is a no brainer.