Here’s a little present from the Headliner family to you—new Headliner templates are here! This new batch of templates is just one of the ways we’re continuously working to make Headliner the best and most effective way to market your podcast.

These four new Headliner templates are now live in the editor, and can be found in the Audiogram Wizard and Automation section. Make sure to select a square aspect ratio and then check them out in the Pre-Made Template Sections.

Check out the new templates in action on a few episodes of Podcast Junkies!


“219 Danielle Desir – Breaking Barriers Through Podcasting”

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast travel finance strategist, writer and podcaster, Danielle Desir. Danielle is the founder and host of The Thought Card, an award-winning travel finance blog and podcast about affording travel, paying off debt and building wealth.

In this episode, Harry and Danielle discuss Danielle’s gift for natural galvanizing and building community, the importance of supporting and empowering people of color, and Danielle’s goals for WOC Podcasters.

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“238 Heather Osgood – Start With the End in Mind”

Founder of True Native Media and the host of Podcast Advertising Playbook, Heather Osgood, joins the show to share her experience working in advertising and how she transitioned to the podcast industry. In this episode, Harry and Heather discuss the work Heather is doing to help brands and businesses leverage podcast advertising to achieve their goals. They discuss best practices for monetizing podcasts, how Heather has grown as a podcast host, and Heather’s most recent project, The Podcast Moneymaker Course.


“225 Heneka Watkis-Porter – Resilience, Power and Podcasting”

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcast coach and producer, Heneka Watkis-Porter. Heneka is the host of The Entrepreneurial You Podcast, a show for passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs and leaders seeking inspiration. In this episode, Heneka reflects on her transition from radio to podcasting and the differences between the two media. She expounds on her drive and motivation, the story of how she met Richard Branson, and upcoming projects she hopes to accomplish in the near future.

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“237 Arielle Nissenblatt – Taking Imperfect Action

Founder, content creator, and podcast aficionado, Arielle Nissenblatt joins the show to share her experience working in the podcast industry. Arielle currently holds the role of Community Manager at SquadCast, where she works to build community with podcasters and creators around the world. In this episode, Harry and Arielle discuss Arielle’s two podcasts, Counter Programming & Feedback with Ear Buds, the evolution of Arielle’s career, and what it means to build true community.