Headliner is proud to announce Spreaker as its latest integration partner. By expanding the number of integrated platforms, Headliner is empowering more podcasters to create and share engaging videos to promote their content easily. 

Spreaker not only helps thousands of podcasters create and host their shows, but it also connects them with millions of listeners through its rich community of audio creators and listeners.

With this integration, if you use Spreaker to host your podcast, you can create promotional videos with Headliner from within the Spreaker interface. This partnership will help users add the powerful reach of video to their podcast marketing mix and improve the ease with which they can share these videos across social media platforms.

This integration enables all Spreaker users with direct access to Headliner and its benefits:

  • Promote audio content on social media with videos that include eye-catching waveforms, captions, animations, GIFs, and more. 
  • The easy to navigate video creator means no prior video editing experience is needed. 
  • Quickly create content optimized for every social platform, delivered to you in 1080p, and ready for native upload.


About Spreaker

Since 2010, Spreaker has been on a mission to be the ultimate ​one-stop-shop for podcasters​. From newbies who are just getting started to publishers developing a lot of content, Spreaker has a solution for making any podcaster’s journey a smooth and profitable one. Since 2018 Spreaker has been one of the audio solution technologies available within the Voxnest portfolio.