In a previous post, we talked about why you should be using LinkedIn to promote your podcast. Here we’ll be diving into how to effectively post on LinkedIn to market your podcast.

Remember, 51% of Americans with a college education use LinkedIn (Pew Research), which corresponds nicely with podcast listener demographics. Andreesen Horowitz reporting in 2019 shows that podcast listeners are 45% more likely to have a college degree and 68% more likely to have a postgraduate degree, compared to the general population. 

What began as a recruitment platform has evolved into a professional content sharing mega-site.

LinkedIn now has 15X more content impressions than job postings.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

There are three main ways to promote your podcast within LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn Profile (your personal page)
  2. LinkedIn Page (landing page representing your podcast business)
  3. Showcase Page (spotlight brands, business units, or initiatives)

1. Personal Profile Page

Marketing your podcast on your personal profile on LinkedIn is the first and easiest place to start, as you likely already have one. There are a few places and ways you can promote your podcast here:

Introduction Card

This section includes your name, profile picture, and basic info which should include the name of your podcast(s). Different displays of this card (based on screen size) are shown in every case you appear on LinkedIn. Learn more about your intro card and how to make edits to it.

Create a Post

Posts are for sharing shorter content (1,300 characters max), photos, videos, announcements, and outside links/articles.

Posts should be used to announce new episodes of your podcast, and Headliner videos offer perfectly optimized content for this.

Native video is the way to go on LinkedIn. Native just means that your video was either created in or uploaded directly to LinkedIn. It’s important to remember that video can only be created within LinkedIn from mobile, not desktop. Headliner video files can easily be uploaded directly to the platform from your main feed.

LinkedIn Video Upload

Native videos autoplay in a user’s feed, making them much more eye-catching and perfect for Headliner video content.

LinkedIn native videos can be up to 10 minutes long and can be formatted horizontally or vertically; however, vertical videos are cropped into a square within the main feed.

Learn pretty much all you could ever want to know about LinkedIn video in this in-depth article from Hootsuite.

Write an Article

With articles, you have a lot more flexibility in length—like a lot more at 125,000 words. When you choose to write an article, you’re taken to a separate editor interface that will look very similar to other CMS platforms like WordPress.

LinkedIn Article Editor

Here you have the room and formatting options to write a long-form article on an evergreen topic. Articles are your chance to show your expertise on a topic (potentially the topic of your podcast or an individual episode). For example, if you have a podcast about mental health, and you have an episode focused on managing stress during the pandemic, you could expound on that topic in an article and provide your listeners with more resources.

Articles support both photos and video, so this would be another great place to embed a Headliner video previewing your podcast episode on stress management. Besides adding visual interest and additional branding for your podcast, you’re able to provide a direct link to your audio content.

Promoting Your Article

Once you’ve published your article, you’ll need to share that to your feed directly using a LinkedIn post. Here you’ll want to remember to add any relevant hashtags to broaden the reach of your post. You can also share articles by adding posts directly to any applicable LinkedIn groups. Going back to our example, potentially you’re a member of a few mental health-focused groups on LinkedIn. Remember to double-check all group rules before publishing.

This is also the step where you should share the article on any other social media channels associated with you and/or your podcast.

2. Company Page

Creating a company page on LinkedIn for your podcast provides a few more options than a personal page. Heads up, you must have a personal profile in order to create a page.

As described on LinkedIn’s marketing blog, “Your LinkedIn Page is where you can define your brand’s identity, voice, purpose, capabilities, and culture on the platform.”

Pages are an additional place to post your new episodes and articles, as well as connect other people who are associated with your podcast, which widens the reach of your show within LinkedIn.

Think of your company page as an extension of your brand. It offers the who, what, when, and where, and is especially helpful if your show doesn’t have a website associated with it yet.

3. Showcase Page

A showcase page may or may not be applicable to your audience or podcast business, especially if it’s brand new. However, they could be super useful if you have a large enough presence on the platform.

These are very similar to business pages (and in fact, you have to have a business page in order to have a showcase page) but they should have a very specific focus. This is one more place that you can post your content, as long as it is relevant to the topic of the showcase.

Examples of instances Showcase Pages could be useful for your podcast:

  • Do you have a podcast network? You could set up showcase pages devoted to each of the shows on your network.
  • Does your podcast’s topic change seasonally? You could create showcase pages devoted to each season.
  • Do you as a podcaster host seminars or short-courses on your topic? You could create a showcase page to promote that work which is an extension of your show.

Learn more about creating Showcase Pages in this great post from HubSpot.

Using LinkedIn In Your Podcast Promotion Mix

This is a broad look at the many different aspects of LinkedIn you can use to market your podcast. While it may feel overwhelming, you’ve likely unknowingly taken the first step by having a personal profile on the platform.

Now it’s time to start using Headliner to promote your podcast on your profile. If you need help creating your first audiogram, check out the Headliner Audiogram Wizard and get creating!