Headliner was created to help you market your podcast using the power of video. We want to help you grow the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. To ensure you can represent your brand fully, we’ve made it possible to customize almost everything about your videos.

Here’s a quick look at every way you can customize your video to reflect your brand.

Watermark or Logo

Your watermark or logo is one of the most recognizable aspects of your brand. Adding them to your audiograms ensures that it will still be instantly recognizable as your content when your video is shared.

Watermarks and logos also serve as brand awareness touchpoints. These small touches continue to strengthen the instant recognition of your brand. Your audiograms serve as a subconscious reminder of your brand and signal a new podcast episode has been released.

Learn more about adding your custom watermark or logo to your audiogram.


Do you have a custom font that is a large aspect of your brand or podcast?

Digital Uncovered describes a custom font as an incredibly powerful asset considering it retains the brand’s essence even when the logo and colours are stripped away.

Headliner knows the importance a font can have to a business, and we’re happy to support custom fonts of our Basic and Pro members. We currently support four weights: Regular, Italics, Bold, and Bold-Italics.

Learn more about adding custom fonts to your projects in Headliner.

Images and Video

Your Headliner subscription comes with access to thousands of stock images, videos, and GIFs from Google, Microsoft, Pixaby, and TONL, but you can also customize your videos with images of your own.

You could use something as simple as a picture of each episode’s guest or as involved as showing a different image every couple of seconds. If you film yourself recording your podcast or have other video that goes along with your clip, you could choose to upload that.

Secondary Background Audio Track

A recent fun addition to the editor is the ability to add a secondary background audio track. This could be used for things like adding your podcast’s theme music behind the audio clip, including an intro and/or outro on either end of your chosen clip, or inserting a call to action at the end of your audiogram.

Learn more about adding a background audio track to your audiogram.

Text and Captions

In addition to updating the font, for other text, you can adjust the font color, add highlighting and shadows.

Captions are also very customizable. You can adjust the font color, background, and highlighting.

Learn more about using color, highlights, and shadows for text and captions.