We’re constantly working to make Headliner better and easier to use. To keep everyone in the know about what’s going on around here, we’ll share our new features, improvements, and bug fixes on the blog and in the newsletter.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added new Karaoke template: Karaoke leverages the karaoke animation feature. This template is only available if you enable captions in the wizard flow.
  • Added new templates On The Mic, Spottie, Square Magazine Cover
  • Audio clipper improvements: We added preview buttons to the clip start/end time inputs. The time limit selector was updated to only be shown upon hover on the clip selection box, and an option to “select full clip” was added.
  • Updated the skip editor option in the audiogram wizard: You can stay on the end screen until your video is finished exporting and then go directly to the Download page, rather than waiting for an email.
  • Added progress bar to skip editor video exporting: We added a progress bar as the final step in the wizard for this flow, allowing you to see your export’s progress.
  • Implement saved waveforms: You can now save a waveform style, position, and color for later use (per aspect ratio).
  • Castos custom templates: If you access Headliner through your Castos subscription, you now have access to three exclusive templates.
  • Undo and Redo in UCS (Universal Customize Step): We now allow you to jump back or forward through recent consecutive actions using keyboard shortcuts. Undo with CMD or CTRL + Z. Redo with SHIFT  + CMD or CTRL + Z.
  • Added support for Progress Bar from templates to UCS: We now allow templates with a Progress Bar to be loaded into the UCS. This was required for some of the templates that were in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated default captions behavior: Captions now grow down vs. up, exactly like how text boxes work.
  • Captions (updated fitting algorithm): We now run the entire transcript through the fitting algorithm, not just the sample text. The main feedback we received was that a captions box set only to have two lines would end up with text on three lines in some cases.
  • Resolved podcast search not working for SoundCloud feeds.
  • Error using podcast search in full episode: Certain episodes coming from Podcast Search for Full Episode would end up erroring out because we weren’t using the correct audio URL. This has now been updated, and we should see a reduction in errors for this flow.
  • App crash error when selecting Breakneck template: we had to remove the Breakneck template recently because it was causing the app crash error. This has now been resolved, and the template has been enabled again.
  • Image asset in embed config is very large, leading to issues with export: There was a bug in how we were saving zoomed-in image assets, which would cause the image assets to have very large dimensions and size, which then led to issues/errors with export. This has been resolved.
  • Payment fail bug: We would display the success confirmation screen even when a user’s payment transaction failed if they entered their credit card info incorrectly. We’ve fixed that issue now and no longer show the confirmation screen, but instead display an error message asking the user to try again or contact support.
  • Error “cannot read property ‘startMilli’ of undefined” when deleting Media 2 track which has a transcribed video asset: If a media track was deleted that had an asset with a transcript associated with it, it would put the project into an error state because the transcript itself wouldn’t get deleted. This has been resolved.