We’ve got a brand new batch of six audiogram templates for you! Templets help you fast track your creative process, while still using your podcast art and branding.

Templates take the guesswork out of adding eye-catching movement needed to catch the eyes of potential listeners on their social media feeds.

See the templates in action below and get to know six of your fellow podcasters at the same time. Got get inspired!

Chill Pill

Savvy Social Podcast with Andréa Jones

Andréa Jones, social media strategist and founder of OnlineDrea.com, is fiercely committed to helping you understand both the how and the why of social media marketing so that you can create connections, build community, and make your difference in the world. Check her out!


Women in Tech Podcast with Espree Devora

WeAreLATech’s Espree Devora hosts the #womenintech Podcast features inspiring Women in Tech from engineers, female founders, investors, UX and UI designers, journalists, all sharing their story how they got to where they are today.

There’s no way you can’t feel empowered by Espree — her energy is contagious and her passion is for podcasting knows no bounds. Go get empowered!

Caution Tape

No Pressure with Anthony Frasier

Anthony Frasier, CEO of ABF Creative and host of No Pressure, is an inspirational tech entrepreneur and personal development author.

No Pressure is a raw, down-to-earth approach to business and life lessons. Each episode deep dives into quotes, passages from inspired books, or hard lessons learned from the mistakes we’ve made. The podcast is inspired by stoic philosophy; despite what’s happening in the world around us, we feel no pressure.


From Solid Ground To Resilient with Sevetri Wilson

The Solid Ground to Resilient is hosted by Sevetri Wilson, a CEO, serial entrepreneur, author, wealth builder, and advocate. Sevetri takes you into board rooms with investors and behind the scenes at conferences and events. From chatting about her latest favorite reads or investments, she’s building a company and wealth at the same time.

Square Magazine Cover

If/Then with Gillian Jacobs and Diona Reasonover

In If/Then, hosts Gillian Jacobs (Community, Netflix’s LOVE) and Diona Reasonover (NCIS) explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, by talking with some of the fields’ most fascinating and diverse personalities.


Date Card with Jenna Vesper and Danika McClured

And the final rose goes to… Each week, queer comedians Jenna Vesper and Danika McClure recap The Bachelor franchise, scream about their sordid dating lives, and argue with problematic contestants on Instagram.