In November 2020, our friends over at Buzzsprout announced their support for Visual Soundbites. The Soundbite tag basically allows you to specify which clip(s) of your episode want to showcase and adds timestamps to your RSS feed for apps and services to read and use.

The code lets you specify where to start the clip as well as duration of the clip. Here’s a look at the simple code:

<podcast:soundbite startTime=”[123]” duration=”[30]”>[Title of Soundbite]</podcast:soundbite>

In that announcement, Buzzsprout also suggested that the tag could be used to create what they call Instant Audiograms. This means audio sharing services like Headliner could recognize the tag and simplify the process of creating sharable videos and even auto-generate a video every time a new episode with the tag is published!

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, as of this week, Headliner can now read your Soundbite tags in both manual AND Autovideos! That’s right folks, no more clipping necessary.

Two Ways To Use the Soundbite Tag in Headliner

Headliner will recognize the Soundbite tag in both manually and Autovideos as long as you are utilizing the Soundbite tag in your RSS feed. If you’re unsure on how to add the Soundbite tag, check with your individual podcast host, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Manually Created Videos

Search for your podcast using the podcast search function. If your feed has a Soundbite tag in the RSS feed, it will automatically select it in the clipper as seen here:


You can also utilize soundbite in automation. Every time you publish a new episode, Headliner will choose the clip you specified in your RSS feed. Have a look below:

Learn more about Autovideos: Get Videos of Your Podcast Automatically Delivered With Headliner Autovideo

P.S. Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, Soundbite’s already taken 🙂