Believe it or not, we want you to spend less time using Headliner. Why? Because the faster you can promote your podcast, the more time you have to create it! So we’re redesigning Headliner to be less like a manual tool and more like your clever marketing assistant. Although we can’t bring you a coffee yet, we’ve become even better at automatically turning your podcast episodes into shareable promo videos. It’s all thanks to the following updates we’ve made to Headliner AI.

Smarter clip suggestions

One of the biggest time sinks is finding shareable segments from an episode. While some people know exactly what part they want to share, others look at a long audio file and have no idea where to begin. Even if you have a great clip in mind, promoting is about consistency, so trying to find your second, third, and fourth promotional clip from an episode can start to feel like a grind…

That’s where Headliner AI comes in: we listen to each episode to suggest captivating clips to you!

We trained our algorithm on thousands of hours of podcasts and cross referenced it with audience engagement data from content posted on social media. We analyze each episode for the most representative segments, filtering out ads and filler words. This helps us know what parts are most likely to compel people to continue listening to your full episode. 

Although our suggestions keep improving, they aren’t perfect yet… so that’s where you come in!

Better feedback controls

We’ve redesigned our interface to let you provide granular feedback on each suggestion. This lets us learn your preferences over time and eventually we’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just like onboarding a new marketing assistant: at first we need some direction, but eventually you can sit back while we do all the busy work.

Dislike a clip and we’ll select less like it in the future:

Adjust a clip if it’s close but no cigar, which tells us to be more mindful of start and end times:

Lastly, anytime you use one of our suggestions we’ll know to look for more clips like it in the future. So we hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, because the more you interact with Headliner AI the better our suggestions become 🙂

Give it a try by setting up an automation for your podcast and keep watch for Headliner AI powering even more of our app in the near future!