Record, Transcribe, Create and Share Video For Social Audio

At Headliner, we are in the business of helping audio creators get more audience. Whether it is podcasters using our audiogram and automation products to create short promo videos for their podcast episodes, or Publishers using Disco to get their podcast content in front of their readers within articles, we know how to give audio creators the tools they need to get discovered online. In fact, over the past three years, more than 600,000 podcasters have exported over 5 Million videos on Headliner, each one helping an episode get discovered across social media and the web. Our mission is to spread the magic of spoken-word audio across the internet, and while we have been doing this for podcasts for years, we are happy to announce we are now able to do this for Clubhouse, with Backstage.

Backstage makes it super easy to record, transcribe, and share your Clubhouse recordings. Its a new way to market your Clubhouse rooms as well as archive the recordings for future use. Gary Vee has a great slideshow all about the importance, and ease of repurposing to create 64 pieces of content in a day, and with Backstage you can now bring these tactics to your Clubhouse rooms. Talk and be found!

So now that you have a general idea of what Backstage is and how it can help you, let’s dive into some of the features to get you started. (btw – it’s free – feel free to dive in anytime here)

Automatic Room Recording

Recording a Clubhouse room can be a bit tricky. One method involves using audio gear to attach your phone to a mixing board and recording that way, another common way is to use the screen recorder app on your phone. While both methods work, they either expensive and difficult to setup, or prone to having issues (your phone runs out of batteries/the audio doesn’t come through/text messages etc showing up on the screen). Backstage lets you record rooms by simply copying and pasting your room link (screenshot below). You schedule the recording by pasting the URL link as far in advance as you’d like. If your room is in progress, you can also paste the link in and the recording will begin immediately. Please remember to follow Clubhouse’s rules and make sure to get permission before recording.


Every recording made on Backstage is transcribed and includes:

  • Speaker Separation (Just type in each speaker’s name once, and we do the rest)
  • Play back audio from within the timeline
  • Takeaways – scroll through a series of summary cards to find the exact place in the transcript you want
  • Already have an audio file? No problem, just upload into Backstage

Easy Video Creation and Sharing

Video creation is super simple with Backstage. All you need to do is highlight the part of the transcript you want to make a video from. Then click the play button to preview the clip, the video icon to make a video asap, or the Headliner button in order to port the audio over to Headliner and finish up the video there.

Video sharing is as easy as clicking the video next to the transcription, downloading to your computer, and posting to social. (or go through the Headliner flow and to direct post to social)

Next Steps

Now that you know how to Record, Transcribe and Create Video from Backstage, the only thing between you and super easy Clubhouse promotion is signing up for a free account

I should also mention, while this tool was made with Clubhouse in mind, it works perfect well for Twitter Spaces as well. You can upload any audio recording you want directly into Backstage to have it transcribed and ready for video creation.

If you have any feedback on the product please let us know via the feedback tool on the left hand side of Backstage!