The Background Video API in action on Casted.Us

We are excited to announce Headliner’s Background Video Creation API. It allows you to automatically include audiograms and videos in your site or app. With Headliner’s Background Video Creation API installed, you give you users access to tons of pre-made audiograms and videos all with YOUR branding and templates. Every time a user shares one of these videos across their socials, your brand gets a boost. All the user needs to do is choose the video/clip they want, then click to share. It’s all the video with none of the work. The API allows you to create from audio and video!

The Background Video Creation API is similar to our JS Widget API in that both allow website/app visitors to create and share videos directly from any media on the page. The main difference is that the Background Video Creation API automatically delivers the videos on the site, whereas the JS widget API allows users to manually create videos from the site. The Background Video Creation API is a great way for any app or site owner to give their user base easy to share pre-made videos.

This is the third API from Headliner, with the other two being the Single Sign On API, which allows enterprise customers to sign on with a click, and the JS Widget, which gives any website with audio the ability for users to manually create video from the site.

If you have a podcasting APP or Website and are interested in giving your users the the easiest way to share clips and promote your brand as they do it, get in touch