You probably publish your podcast to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. They’re the two biggest podcast listening apps. Most likely, you also send it out to a bunch of other apps, such as overcast (my personal favorite way to listen to podcasts). But, do you also publish to YouTube? 

YouTube has over 2.2 Billion Active Users. With that many people, any type of consumable media will find an audience. In fact, podcasting has become so important to YouTube, that they recently appointed Kai Chuk as Podcast Lead (Ashley Carman The Verge). Furthermore, Ashley says in a recent issue of the Hot Pod newsletter, “If there was ever a time to set up a YouTube strategy, now might be it”.

For years, there has been debate amongst podcasters about whether or not to publish to YouTube. “It’s a video platform, not an audio platform!” With YouTube officially jumping into the podcast game, there is no reason not to publish your podcast to such a massive platform. 

How To Auto Post to YouTube With Headliner

Now that you’re convinced your podcast should be on YouTube, let’s dive in. All of this can be done within Headliner, for free.

First sign up (or sign in) at Headliner

Then, link up your podcast via the Projects Tab

And now, for the magic. Start a new automation. Be sure to select “Full Length Videos” with Auto Post to YouTube Set to “Yes” 

Once you’ve completed the wizard you’re all set! Everytime you publish a podcast, it’ll automatically get sent to your YouTube channel! 

For the current version, we suggest publishing as Private so you can make any edits to the description and title as needed.

If you’re new to YouTube, we hope this helps you grow your podcast audience across a new platform. If you’re already using YouTube, we think this is a great way to save a ton of time getting your podcast where it needs to be. 

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