Do you know the most popular place Headliner’s audiograms are shared directly? It’s not Twitter, Instagram, or facebook. YouTube is the most popular place to share Headliners directly through our app (though you see plenty of them on other platforms because most Headliners download audiograms directly).

Why YouTube?

I’m Mike, from the product team here at Headliner; I joined Headliner in July of 2021. That fall, we saw that YouTube was the most popular place to post and wondered why. We spoke with people on Headliner and heard:

  • Serendipity: One YouTube video ends, another begins. Autoplay on YouTube can give potential listeners a quick exposure to the beginning of your podcast. Bonus: Put something interesting in a cold open to hook them.
  • Shareability: YouTube links are almost universally shareable and almost any site recognizes them. Plus, they come with metrics and tracking
  • Showing Up: Put your podcast where your audience is and where they live to remind them about your show and why they like you in the first place. If they subscribe to your YouTube channel, having your full episodes appear gives them one more place to start listening.

More than just our customers tapping into their audience at YouTube, YouTube as a company is moving more into podcasting, from Hiring a Head of Podcasts (who is speaking at Podcast Evolutions) to being the place that 58% of listeners A18-34 find new Spoken Word Audio (source), YouTube is definitely a place you want your podcast.

Getting Your Podcast on YouTube

An ideal solution involves video recording your podcast session, but that’s a big investment that not everyone can do up front. We wanted to make it easier for Headliner users to post automatically to YouTube and we’ve seen a lot of people take us up on that offering:

That yellow stripe represents the growth of Auto-posting to YouTube

What’s Coming Next!

In the new year, we’ve seen Automatic Posting to YouTube overtake manual posting as the most popular way Headliner Videos are shared directly to social networks. It’s been such a success that we have worked to make it even better:

  • Customize Your Audiogram Descriptions: Now you’re able to use data from your RSS feed to customize the YouTube information with episode descriptions, episode titles, episode links, or episode numbers.
  • Pick your Playlists: You’ll soon be able to select which playlist you’d like to add the videos to. Maybe you want a full-episode playlist that a user can stream like a standard podcatcher
  • Available to all: Free users can get in on the fun: free users of Headliner can set up an automation to post to YouTube. Paid users get unlimited automations.

Happy (auto)-posting. If you want to learn more, here’s a quick overview: