How can you grow your podcast’s reach, increase brand awareness, and open new paths to monetization WITHOUT adding more work? It’s easy, upload to YouTube! Wait – WITHOUT adding more work?

Yes, you read that right! You can upload your podcast to YouTube without creating more work for yourself using Headliner. To get started, all you need is your RSS feed, email, YouTube account, and about 5 minutes. 

Why Upload?

In our most recent blog post, we walked you through some of the statistics surrounding YouTube. Just in case you missed it – boom, it’s linked here, go read it! – but also, here are some skimmable bullet points (because we are all about saving you time 😉):

  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world
  • In the US, YouTube is the #2 platform spent by time 
  • YouTube has over 2.6 BILLION active users per month (yes, that’s with a “B”)
  • In 2022, YouTube was the #1 podcast discovery platform and audio streaming service – beating out established industry leaders (like Spotify 🤯)

So what do these stats mean for podcasters? Basically, uploading to YouTube is a huge opportunity to grow your podcast’s reach. Millions and millions of people visit YouTube every day to discover content. Your podcast should be one of those discovery pieces. 

YouTube’s Investment in Podcasting

Outside of the data, YouTube itself is even investing in bringing podcasts in platform. In 2021, YouTube hired Kai Chuk as “Podcast Lead.” As Podcast Lead, Chuk is tasked with managing podcasts on YouTube. This means YouTube created an entire team of people dedicated to making the platform a premiere place to host and post podcasts. 

But they didn’t stop there. Ever notice this button? 

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Last year, YouTube added a podcast explore page. This helped position YouTube as a powerful podcasting and discovery platform in the US. Still in its early stages, the podcast page is fairly rudimentary but has grown to offer a more optimized listening experience to US users since its launch.

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Additionally, YouTube released a feature known as “background listening.” Background listening is promoted as a paid feature that allows audio to play even after you leave the app. This feature allows listeners to continuously stream audio (hint, hint podcasts) interruption-free, giving listeners the power to multitask with YouTube. 

YouTube even released an entire site dedicated to podcasting. YouTube Creators offers tips and tricks for podcasts; they also produced an entire guide to podcasting best practices on YouTube. 

So, it’s pretty clear, YouTube is a powerful discovery platform, offering ample opportunity for the podcasting community. 

Overcoming Obstacles

We know what you’re thinking. “Okay, that’s great. But that also sounds like a lot of work. There are so many factors at play here.” How do we know? Well, because we asked AI. 🤖

Yes, that’s correct. Our copywriter sat down with everyone’s favorite tool ChatGPT and asked “What is stopping people from uploading their podcasts to YouTube?” The response:

“Formatting differences: Podcasts are typically audio-only and YouTube is a video platform, so converting the podcast format to a video format may be time-consuming and challenging.”

Interesting, right? But what is the human perspective? 🧑

We polled our Twitter followers to find out a little more about (human) podcasters’ concerns with uploading to YouTube.

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We found the two biggest barriers to entry for podcasters are appearing on camera and time. So, AI was kind of right… or was it?

What if we told you, there is a tool out there that makes uploading your podcast to YouTube quick, easy, and can even automate the entire posting process? And, even better, all you need is that all-important RSS feed! That’s where we come in. 😏

Headliner is HEAR (😬) to Help

Podcasting is hard – we totally get it! 

At Headliner, we designed our products with you, the podcaster, in mind. We worked with you and listened to your needs to design a powerful, compatible, all-in-one promotional tool designed to help you go from audio to audience. Headliner is designed to streamline your production process – saving you time and money. And (arguably) the best thing… You NEVER have to step in front of a camera! 🤯

So what exactly do we do – well, a lot (not to brag or anything 💅). Headliner offers a tiered product kit ranging from simple audiogram generation to customizable, full-length episodes that are compatible with a range of platforms, including YouTube. Just be sure to have your RSS feed handy to get started. 

Headliner Features 

Headliner is designed to meet you where you are. We understand, not all podcasts are the same – nor should they be! That’s why our tiered product kit has a variety of options to align your needs with your goals. 

Forever Free

Just a hobbyist? Our Forever Free plan may be just right for you! With Forever Free, you can create up to 5 simple, automated audiograms per-month. Free customers can export clips in 1080p and share audiograms directly to their chosen platforms, including YouTube, using their RSS feed. 

Basic & Pro

Perhaps you’re interested in creating more branded, customized content to grow your podcast or increase brand awareness? Our paid Basic or Pro plans may be perfect for you. With Basic and Pro, you get everything in the Forever Free PLUS a little extra ✨spice✨.

With the Basic plan, you can create and save branded templates, watermarks, and upload custom Google fonts. You can even create personalized intro and outro slides for your video exports. The Basic plan also unlocks unlimited captioning to improve your podcast’s accessibility. 

Our next tier is Pro. Pro plans, get everything in Forever Free and Basic plans plus even more ✨✨spice✨✨

With Pro, customers get priority queue for full-length 1080p exports – meaning you get the highest quality video export the fastest! With Pro, you can also transcribe full episodes. AND – this may be our favorite feature – you can upload your ENTIRE back catalog to YouTube using just your RSS feed. Simply by inputting your RSS feed, granting us permission, and connecting your YouTube account, Headliner will automatically upload all of your past episodes (up to three exports per day) AND future episodes to YouTube for you.

So with Pro, you can perfect and brand your designs to your heart’s desire THEN share your entire podcasting story with the world. 

Go From Audio to Audience

So yeah – podcasting is hard. We established that. But promoting your podcast? With Headliner, it can truly be as easy as 1,2,3 (and then automated after that 🙌)! 

At Headliner, we are hear ( 🙄) to save you time and money – without ever requiring you to step in front of a camera.  So what are you waiting for? Give us a try! Start uploading your podcast to YouTube and beyond today in less than 5 minutes.