As we wave (get it? like a sound wave..) goodbye to another crazy, wonderful year, we wanted to take some time and share all we accomplished! This blog post will walk you through what podcasters created with us and dig into our most loved updates for easy podcast optimization. 

So let’s buckle up – it’s time for Headliner by the Numbers, an ode to 2023.

You created a lot 

In total, Headliners exported 17,920,546 minutes of content. That’s 12,445 days or 34ish years of content!

If we were to break that up evenly amongst our team, each Headliner Team Member would need to consume podcasts for 2 years and 10 months straight. Whoa! That’s a lot of podcasts – and not to mention a dream job! We might need breaks for rest and food, though, so it might take longer to reach pod zero (IYKYK… if you don’t check out our podcast).

Together, we also created 1,924,620 projects in 193 countries. Broken down, Headliners created: 

  • 1,220,905 Full-Episode Audiograms
  • 20,176 Automatic Audiograms
  • 874,340 clips
  • Transcribed 8,576,934 minutes 

A year in review

2023 was a busy year for our team! Not only were we improving our existing tools, but we were also hard at work creating new, easy-to-use podcasting tools. 

Headliner released 2 new products in 2023.

Disco Free by Headliner

Disco Free is Headliner’s free podcast discovery widget. Our widgets connect your podcast to blogs or websites in a dynamic, relevant way.

Disco Free harnesses the power of AI to serve contextually relevant and engaging podcast clips. AKA Disco won’t just start at 0:00! It also uses 100% internal, ad-free content, so you can ensure Disco is putting your podcast’s best foot forward. 

It works by matching keywords in your podcast’s transcript with page text to find the perfect pairing. Adding the Disco Free widget to your site provides your readers with an easy, relevant way to discover your podcast via a widget embed. Wherever you decide to place it, Disco will get to work serving your readers with relevant podcasts under a “Related Podcasts” banner.

Disco even comes with its own analytics dashboard within the Headliner Dashboard. All widgets are connected and report key metrics like Impressions, CTR, and Preview Plays in real time. Headliner will even create simple data visualizations to show your reach over time. 

Since launching in June, we’ve created and installed 204 widgets together! 

Eddy by Headliner

You may have heard us mention this second update once or twice here recently. Eddy by Headliner! Eddy is Headliner’s free transcription, lightweight editor, and podcast optimization tool.

While Eddy is only a few months old, it’s made a big impact on the podcasting world! Eddy has helped transcribe over 17,600 episodes in 41 countries

With Eddy, podcasters can ensure their content is accessible to all. Eddy also aids in podcast optimization while streamlining the upload process. All Eddy projects also get a free Podcast Promo Pack, which makes all that possible! Promo Packs include: 

  • 10+ keywords
  • 5+ quotes
  • 4 Branded Generative Episode Art Options 
  • AI-Generated Show Notes with Chapters 
  • References page
  • Captions for social media posts
  • Blog copy
  • Newsletter/email copy 

Eddy will also automatically clean your transcript and corresponding audio file by removing unwanted filler words like “uh” and “umm.” 

It also automatically recognizes and separates out speakers in your transcript. Eddy will even learn from and store your projects’ speaker data. It uses this information to create and label speakers more accurately in the future

Another thing Eddy does is create clips! So far, Eddy has helped create over 4,091 podcast clips.

Eddy scans your transcript to find the best parts of your podcasts and will recommend them as clips. Use clips to create video content by selecting 1 of up to 20 recommendations at the top of your browser. Then, click on the clip you’d like to create for, and let Headliner automatically create a video!

Headliner Updates for Podcast Optimization

Now, to address some of our favorite Headliner updates. 

We had hundreds of updates and improvements go out over the course of the year. But, that’s a lot of ground to cover in a blog post. Instead, we’ll just cover our top hits! But don’t worry, if you want to hear all of them, just shoot our Marketing Manager Elissa an email – she’ll be happy to run through them all with you.

Promo Pack for Easy Podcast Optimization

Probably our favorite update of the year – the Podcast Promo Pack. 

The Podcast Promo Pack provides all Eddy projects with a slew of AI-generated features designed to expedite the upload process and minimize the time spent prompting podcasts. With the Promo Pack, it now only takes a few minutes for podcast optimization AND content creation. 

Branded Podcast Optimizations 🎨

Headliner added a podcast search into Eddy. By searching your podcast, you are helping Eddy get an idea about your podcast’s look and feel.

Eddy uses the search image you select to create episode art using the brand colors it was able to pull from your cover art. It also uses pod search to get a better idea about your writing style and tone to create more customized copy options for the Promo Pack!

Think Pink!

Headliner made it even easier to jump between Make and Eddy.

To access Eddy, log in to your Make by Headliner account and click the Pink Transcription button. The integration also is how we support our clipping capabilities within Eddy. Eddy passes content through Make to create a custom audiogram flow per clip.

Template Time

Pro and Basic users can create and save templates. Templates allow you to reuse and extend your work while creating a consistent look and feel for your “pod-tent.”

Mr. Worldwide 2.0

Eddy offers over 95% accuracy and is available in 14 languages. 

Just let us know what language you’d like to transcribe in so we can keep our promise of providing an accurate output.

Don’t see your language? Just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!  

Hello, Goodbye

Another update perfect for saving time and podcast optimization for video platforms – intro and outro videos!

In Make’s audiogram tool, Headliners can easily drag and drop their intro and outro videos to create even more engaging, polished podcast videos. 

Layers for Days 

One of our Support Team’s favorite updates and most requested updates – the ability to layer! 

In Make’s design space, you can layer asset components by clicking the arrows on the right-hand panel. This feature is only available on the web app, but you can always save your work in a new template and use it on your layered design on mobile. 😉


Another top-requested update 🥁…the ability to make and create audiograms by season! Create one-off designs per season, pick and choose, or apply designs to your entire back catalog at the click of a button.

We’ll ask you when you make an Automatic Audiogram about seasons too. So you don’t need to worry about missing this step!


We actually got this request from a Reddit thread – so if you’re not in the r/podcasting Reddit, be sure to join because we read the heck out of this for inspo. 

Eddy supports multi-format transcript export for versatile podcast optimization. You can even apply different formatting guidelines to fit your needs – like formatting for YouTube.

Zoom + Google

Another “ed-dition” is that Eddy got Zoom and Google Drive integrations! 

Zoom is one of the top tools podcasters use to record video, so we wanted to make it easier to upload your video projects to Eddy. Just log in, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Same with the Google Drive. Make sure you upload or share your podcast into your drive and then log in so we can transcribe your project. 

P is for Quality

Our second awesome update was upgrading video export limits. All Headliner users can now export their projects in 1080p. 

1080p is the most widely accepted form of high-definition video and is the Golden Upload Standard for YouTube videos. It produces sharp image quality while being consistent across platforms and devices – which is important to keep in mind when exporting video content.

1080p also strikes a balance between high quality and smaller file sizes. Exporting in 1080p ensures your files will upload quickly and won’t take up too much space. This update ensures your projects are high-quality and will work anywhere you choose to promote your podcast. 

We listen, we remember

Our final update and another top-requested hit to close out the yearly recap. 

Eddy automatically creates a custom speaker library! Yep, you read that right. Eddy will automatically recognize and separate out different speakers AND remember their voices. This makes an automatic Custom Speaker Library for future projects. 

So, next time you upload a file with those same voices, Eddy will recognize them and label them appropriately.  

An Ode to 2023

As we head into this New Year, we just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the phenomenal year we had. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable feats: creating 17,920,546 minutes of content1,924,620 projects, and transcribing 8,576,934 minutes. These numbers are a testament to you, the podcasting community. 

That’s it! Our wrap to 2023 is wrapped. What an incredible year it was, but now, full steam ahead into 2024. 

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