Headliner is proud to officially announce the launch of our latest podcasting tool – Eddy by Headliner. Eddy is a truly user-friendly tool designed to help take podcasts to the next level through accurate transcriptions, simple editing capabilities, and AI promotional tools. Powered by Headliner’s AI, Eddy provides podcasters with a new, better way to take their podcast from audio to audience.

About Headliner

Headliner has helped over 1.3 million podcasters go from audio to audience. Headliner offers a host of easy-to-use tools designed to help podcasters grow their audience!

The Eddy Advantage: Save Time and Grow Your Pod

Eddy saves podcasters time and helps avoid getting bogged down in the tiny details that, let’s face it, aren’t always that fun. Eddy’s goal is to free up podcasters to focus on the aspects of podcasting. It also serves as an effective solution for growth and accessibility.

Key Features of Eddy

Here are some of the top things that make Eddy, Eddy!

  • Podcast Promo Pack: A comprehensive tool that helps get podcasts uploaded and promoted in a jiffy! The Promo Pack includes 4 Branded Generative Episode Art Images, 10+ Keywords, 5+ Quotes, Show Notes with Chapters, a References Page, and crafted Social Media, Blog, and Newsletter/Email Copy.
  • Podcast Search: Headliner offers podcasters a way to create more branded content. Podcast Search scrapes your existing content to pull things like brand colors, writing style, and tone of voice. Eddy then uses this information to inform our AI when creating your Promo Pack to create more branded, customized results you’ll want to use.
  • Clip Finder: Eddy listens to your podcast and suggests engaging clips for easy content creation. Eddy will recommend up to 20 clips, so there’s no shortage of options!
  • Easy Editing: Eddy allows you to edit your podcast using your transcript. Eddy’s transcriptions are over 95% accurate and automatically remove things like unwanted filler words. Eddy also offers easy audio/video editing by making changes to your transcript.
  • Transcript Exporter: Eddy optimizes transcripts for various platforms, including YouTube, and ensures compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Speaker Management: Eddy automatically detects and separates speakers. Eddy will even use speaker data to label and name speakers more accurately in the future by creating a Custom Speaker Library.

See What Headliners Are Saying

Eddy has a lot of love already! See what podcasters are saying.

“The Promo Pack” is a game changer – which others will certainly attempt to copy quickly. But, and this is important, you wanna follow and stay with the minds that come up with the good stuff.” – Paul Colligan

“If you’re looking to streamline your podcast production and promotion process (ehem, why wouldn’t you??) then this AI-driven tool is definitely for you!” – Simona Costantini

Save Time and Grow You Podcast

Eddy by Headliner is so much more than a free transcript; it’s a partner for podcast growth.

Eddy uses AI to save time and address some of the most time-consuming parts of podcast marketing and growth. With Eddy, podcasters can avoid getting bogged down in tedious tasks and get back to the things they love the most – like content creation and audience engagement.

For more information, visit Eddy by Headliner or try it for free “hear.”