One of the most common questions we get from podcasters is, “How can I grow my audience?” The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. The answer ultimately depends on the podcast’s goals, audience, and bandwidth. However, there is one thing every podcaster can do – audiograms!

Today, we’ll show you how podcasters around the world have found ways to grow their podcast successfully using audiograms. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to podcast marketing, audiograms are something every podcaster can integrate into their marketing plan.

So, let’s get to it! 

Podcast promotion & marketing, Podmotion, if you will 

Podmotion is sorta a cheesy, short way to say podcast marketing and promotion! 

Podmotion is everything you do to help market and grow your podcast. From creating an entire website to telling your mom you released a new episode, podmotion is for everyone.

Thinking back to the overarching question of “How can I grow my podcast?” Considering what you currently are or are not doing is essential to creating a strong podmotional plan. 

Creating a podcast is great, obviously, but if that’s all you’re doing, it is unlikely you will see a ton of growth. To support your podcast’s growth, you need to take part in podmotional activities. Again, this could be as big as creating a website or as small as texting your loved ones. It totally depends on your show, goals, bandwidth, and audience! 

Think about your audience 

You’ve probably heard the whole “No two snowflakes are alike” additive, right? Well, the same thing applies to your audience. Every podcast’s audience is different! Especially when thinking about your audience’s growth and development, no are the same. What works well for one podcast may not work for another.

Why? Because you have different audiences. 

For example, if you have a podcast about AI in business, you may get great reach and engagement on LinkedIn. However, suppose you have a podcast about unicorns and other fairy tale creatures. In that case, you probably won’t get meaningful traction on LinkedIn.

In this example, making clips for TikTok or YouTube might be better. Why? The audience you are trying to reach probably is not interested in finding unicorn content at work. But, after hours on more “for fun” social platforms, who knows! 

It’s important to know who your audience is while understanding their listening and discovery habits. This will help you make more strategic decisions about your podcast marketing and audience development.

Learning about your audience will guide where, what, and how you market your podcast. 

Audiograms – easy tools for podcast marketing! 

Once you know who your audience is, there are SO many things you can do to market your podcast. One easy win every podcaster can do? Audiograms

Aduiograms are simple, multipurpose tools for audience growth and development. All you need is the RSS feed or an audio file, and you’re ready to go. 

Breaking the static quo 

Audiograms turn your audio into a dynamic video. They layer sound waves on top of static images.

Being the audiogram experts we are, Headliner would like to add a few disclaimers. You can use AI to make podcast art, add effects, include sound clips, and more to create ✨fancier✨audiograms.

The sky is the limit with audiograms!

Powerful tools for social media

Audiograms are the perfect tool for marketing your podcast on social media. 

Audiograms can take many different forms too. One of the most popular are podcast clips. Clips represent your podcast’s best, most captivating parts of your episode. They make for engaging, scroll-stopping posts.

Audiogram clips give a more engaging experience than text or images. They are like your own highlight reel, capturing the best your podcast has to offer in a bite-sized asset!

On average, audiograms have higher performance on social media platforms, too. Audiogram clips excel at working their way into social algorithms as they exemplify best practices. For example, audiogram tweets perform 8x better than non-audiogram tweets. For Facebook, a mixed media platform, podcasters reported seeing +70% higher engagement. 

Shareable and Word-of-Mouth 

Audiograms are also highly shareable. This makes it easier for your listeners to share your content, leading to increased discoverability. What’s even better? It doesn’t add extra work to your plate.

All in all, audiograms can be low-effort assets that can have a big impact! Just check out Headliner Steven Ray Morris, host of See Jurassic Right. Steven receives thousands of views on his audiograms on Instagram and Twitter.

More tips for clips!

Outside of highlighting parts of your episode, Audiograms can serve as teaser or trailer content.

Teasers offer a glimpse into upcoming episodes and help drum up excitement before releases. Just think about movies! Studios don’t spend all that time and energy into creating something only to not let people know it’s coming – they make teaser and trailer content using the full-length movie! 

By using audiograms to tease content, you’re creating an additional touchpoint with your audience, reminding them about you, and setting your future efforts up for success, as you already have those eager ears waiting for the drop.

Upload to YouTube

Make by Headliner boasts one of the easiest ways to upload your podcast to YouTube. 

There are two ways to do this. The first way is using an Automatic Audiogram. Automatic Audigorams use your RSS feed to create audiograms. Headliner will automatically pull your metadata and get every episode uploaded for you.

Control what gets uploaded and how it gets uploaded once, then set it and forget it! Headliner will get to work automatically creating audiograms for you and posting them to YouTube in a fully optimized way. You can even create this flow for YouTube shorts!

The second way is through Manual Audiogram. Manual Audiograms function the same as automations – you’ll just need to upload your video to your YouTube account.

Post to social media 

Create audiograms and share them directly on social media. 

Headliner’s mobile app has a streamlined process for creating and sharing audiograms from your phone. Post directly to Instagram, TikTok, X (formerly known as Twitter), LinkedIn, and YouTube in a snap. 

Share clips! 

Even if sharing on social media isn’t something you really want to do – you can still create audiograms as an easy way to share your podcast with listeners via email, newsletters, or airdrop – however you share! 

They are quick, engaging, and highly shareable content pieces to help podmote your podcast. 

Wrapping it up 

So, next time you find yourself thinking, “How can I grow my audience?” Consider audiograms!

Whether you’re sharing full-length, optimized audiograms on YouTube or just texting them to your friends and family, audiograms are simple solutions every podcaster can incorporate into their podmotional plan. 

If you have any questions on how to get started with audiograms, please reach out to