Imagine, the year is 2018. The FIFA World Cup is on, the royal wedding is trending, and you’re desperately avoiding hearing “baby shark do doo” play for the umpteenth time that week. And, somewhere in the depths of the internet, one of the most awesome podcasting tools is born (not to be biased). Yep – Headliner is turning 6! 

Six years ago today, the pink, purple, and blue smiley face you know and love came to be. Today, we want to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished together. 

Podcasters, you most certainly are busy

In total, podcasters have exported over 72.9 million minutes of content. That’s just over 138 years (almost 139 years, but who’s counting). 

Podcasters from around the world have created with us, too. In total, Headliner has helped over 1.3 million podcasters in 193 countries.

Let’s break it down 

Together, Headliner and podcasters created over 11.7 million projects together. 

Projects were chiefly made in Make by Headliner, our audiogram tool. In six years, podcasters have created 17.1 million audiograms. Now that’s a lot of audiograms! 

Here are the highlights: 

  • Podcasters set up over 166k Automations
  • 5.6 million clips we made using Automatic Audiograms
  • 3.8 million Full Episode Audiograms were made using the manual flow
  • Podcasters created 7.7 million Manual Audiograms shorter than 10 minutes

More on Headliner

Like all superheroes, Headliner has an origin story. Are we extraterrestrial beings with super strength? Not exactly, but we’re still super cool! 

In 2015, our team released a social audio app called Sparemin. Sparemin allowed people to connect, record 5-minute interviews, and then share them. While the app did not take off, there was one little feature we found many people liked—audiograms. 

Around this time, podcasting started taking off too. We found many podcasters liked the idea of using audiograms to help share and market their podcast on social media. From that, we pivoted our entire operation into creating what is known today as Headliner. 

“We’ve been working ​on ​this ​since ​2018, ​and ​our ​main ​mission ​is ​to ​connect ​podcasts ​with ​their ​next ​great ​listener… We’re ​basically ​just ​building ​all ​the ​tools ​you ​need ​to ​get ​your ​podcast ​on ​the ​web ​and ​discoverable ​by ​people.”

Oliver Wellington, COO & Co-Founder

Since then, we’ve been growing and adapting our company in many different ways. One thing that has always remained constant – Headliner helps podcasters go from audio to audience. 

More than Audiograms 

While Headliner is known for our audiograms, we do other things, too! 


Headliner is an industry leader in transcription and tools for content accessibility. Podcasters have transcribed over 25 million minutes with Headliner!

In 2023, Headliner even officially launched a free transcription tool, Eddy by Headliner. Eddy is designed to make transcription and promotion feasible for even the busiest of podcasters. 

Podcasters have transcribed over 19k full episodes successfully and created over 7.4k clips with Eddy. 

Transparent Growth 

Separate from content creation, Headliner also hosts tools for podcast growth. 

Podcast Promo is Headliner’s programmatic ad tool. It helps podcasters boost their traffic by getting podcasts onto sites across the web, leveraging what we call the Headliner Publisher Network. 

Podcast Promo works by using a podcast’s RSS feed to create preview clips of a podcast. Then, using specified targeting parameters, Headliner gets those clips onto media sites or into Headliner following campaign budgets. 

Together, Podcast Promo has helped podcasters worldwide garner 148.7 million impressions. Talk about traffic! 

Content Connections

Another cool tool by Headliner is Disco. Disco by Headliner is a free podcast discovery widget. It connects podcasts to blogs or websites in a dynamic, relevant way. 

Disco works by using AI to create and place clips. Disco’s AI scans both podcast transcripts and page-to-text to match keywords. This helps Disco identify and place relevant content designed to convert your web traffic into podcast listens. 

Since launching last year, Headliner has helped more than 205 podcasters connect their podcast to their blog or website. 

A Word From Our Co-Founders

Today, Headliner is a team of lucky 13 led by our Co-Founders, Neil and Oliver.  

Neil and Oliver certainly have a lot to say on the topic of Headliner and podcasting, but for the sake of this blog, they were able to boil it down a little

Headliner just continues to grow, which is amazing. Thinking about how we started, it is awesome to see how far these simple yet powerful assets have taken us. We’ve iterated and added more tools and ways for podcasters to grow their audience, like Disco. Today, we help millions of people discover podcasts every month! It is a very exciting space to be in and incredibly rewarding helping people get to amazing content they likely wouldn’t have otherwise!

Neil Mody, CEO & Co-Founder

Headliner was built with feedback from the podcasting community, and our recent products have all been focused on helping podcasts grow, whether through organic or paid means

Oliver Wellington, COO & Co-Founder

A bright future – riding the wave

Headliner has changed a lot over the past six years. As a company, we’ve evolved from “just audiograms” to offering a comprehensive toolkit for podmotion (podcast + promotion). Beyond audiograms, podcasters can transcribe, create AI-generated assets, caption videos, connect their podcast to blogs or websites, dabble in paid podcast promotion, and so much more! (Although we definitely still love our audiograms!)

While we’ve grown, one thing has remained constant—Headliner is for podcasters. Our mission is to help grow podcasting in an easy, friendly way. So, if you have any ideas, questions, or thoughts, let us know. We’re really all ears!