Headliner connects listeners to their new, favorite podcasts. Using Headliner, podcasters transcribed over 28.3 million minutes, making their content more accessible, engaging, and user-friendly!

AI that Learns from Podcasters

Headliner, famous for friendly podcasting tools, created a new, better way to transcribe podcasts with Eddy by Headliner. Eddy leverages Generative AI to transcribe, edit, and create custom-branded content.

“Generative AI excels at creating content based on existing patterns, so the more familiar it is with the output you want, the closer it can replicate it. Lucky for podcasters, our RSS feeds are filled with examples of past work. So, Headliner AI can parse a feed in the same way that a podcatcher does, which allows it to learn from your past work to create content in the same style. You can think of it like Headliner automating the job of giving examples & feedback to an AI; we do it all for you!”

Maximilian Piras, Senior Product Designer at Headliner

Generative AI ensures podcasts receive high-quality, accurate assets. Eddy uses podcast metadata found in the RSS feeds to inform Headliner’s AI. The metadata essentially tells Eddy who it’s creating.

By editing speaker labels, titles, show notes, chapters, etc., podcasters can personalize Generative AI’s learning, teaching it how to work best for their unique podcast. Eddy recognizes changes made in both the UI and continuously learns from published content attached to RSS feeds. This personalized learning process allows podcasters to train AI to work and think like their particular podcast.

About Headliner

Headliner has helped over 1.3 million podcasters grow their audience.

Headliner is built on podcaster feedback and has worked to create an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for the “growth problem.” With Headliner, podcasters can create podcast videos—what we’re known for—and transcribe, edit, connect, create, and promote their podcasts across the web!