Thanks to a strategic partnership between Headliner and MeadShake, a French podcast production studio, French health podcasts reach new ears and eyes in a targeted way. This collaboration provides French-speaking health podcast producers with a new opportunity for growth while offering publishing sites an easy and sustainable source of revenue.

Partnership details

MedShake Studio and Headliner are using the Headliner Publisher Network to expand the reach of their French-language health podcasts. The Publisher Network makes it easy for people to discover new podcasts by allowing podcasters to create and boost targeted campaigns. This helps their show(s) reach a wider audience.

The Headliner Publisher Network enables podcasters to promote their show(s) through targeted campaigns using Podcast Promo. Additionally, this provides host publishing sites with an easy revenue stream through Disco (by Headliner).

Disco means discovery

Headliner’s Disco widget allows publishers and podcasters to increase their reach and grow their audience. With Disco, publishers can embed discovery widgets within their article pages, effectively transforming website traffic into podcast listens. This extends the reach of podcasts beyond traditional podcast platforms, making connecting with new audiences in France easier.

“We did an international survey on period poverty for our client Impact Tank. To promote our findings via the podcast, we identified opportunities to target the health and news categories on French sites such as Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post France, Euronews, Ouest France, and Marie Claire. We wanted to reach new audiences and expand our reach beyond the podcast apps. As a trained marketer, I was particularly delighted to be able to follow the results of this campaign and associated data live on the Headiner’s dashboard as well as on our hosting platform, Ausha, ensuring total transparency and precise monitoring of the impact generated.” – Marguerite de Rodellec, Co-Founder, MedShake Studio

For MedShake, the partnership acts on its initiative to include more AI-powered tools to optimize podcast promotion. MedShake uses AI tools, like Disco and Podcast Promo, to develop effective and targeted approaches to stimulating the growth of its productions.

How Disco Grows Podcasts

Disco widgets use RSS feeds to generate 60-second clips. AI then matches keywords in the metadata to article or page text to provide relevant show recommendations.

“Disco is a smart way to reach new audiences across the web by surfacing shows contextually on publisher sites. It breaks audio out of closed environments and provides a welcome alternative to promoting shows exclusively within closed podcast platforms. I’m happy that we’re able to bring insights about both local and global period poverty to more ears.” says Headliner’s Head of Growth for Europe, Sarah Toporoff.

Disco also allows host sites to recommend audio content from their podcast catalog or boosted clips.

Boosted clips are populated through Podcast Promo, Headliner’s programmatic advertising tool. Podcast Promo leverages the same clipping AI to select content from the show’s RSS feed.

Podcast Promo acts as an advertising unit within existing Disco widgets. Adding Podcast Promo to their widgets allows publishers to open a new revenue stream supported by traffic engagement. Disco capitalizes on listening for branded podcasts via paid media campaigns.

About Headliner

Headliner has helped over 1.3 million podcasters grow their audience.

Headliner is built on podcaster feedback and has worked to create an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for the “growth problem.” With Headliner, podcasters can create audiograms and simple marketing assets—what we’re known for—and transcribe, edit, connect, and promote their podcasts across the web!

About MedShake Studio

MedShake Studio is the first podcast production agency specializing in the healthcare sector. It supports health stakeholders – patient associations, manufacturers, or startups – in producing engaging podcasts. In 4 years, MedShake Studio has produced more than 40 podcasts in several languages ​​and won 5 awards for its original creations. The agency publishes, which lists and categorizes high-quality podcasts around health, care, and well-being. The site’s goal is to promote and amplify the work of content producers to convey their message to new audiences. Since 2022, the platform has offered the Francophone Health Podcast Prize.