Headliner’s free transcript-based editor, Eddy by Headliner, learns from podcasters and creates branded, AI-generated content.

Using information found in the RSS feed, Eddy creates AI-generated assets for each project, aiming to mimic existing work in terms of tone, style, and formatting. The latest update now allows podcasters to customize the output to match their needs and wants, too.

Create Highly Branded Content with Eddy

With this new update, Eddy allows podcasters to tailor AI-generated content, making it even easier to align with their podcasts’ specific branding and tone.

The enhanced functionality applies to all components of the Podcast Promo Pack. The Podcast Promo Pack is where all AI-generated content is housed in the software. AI-generated content includes keywords, show notes with chapters, episode art, blog copy, newsletter copy, social media captions, and references page.

Eddy ensures all podcasters can effortlessly create branded and engaging promotional materials while getting a high-quality transcript for free.

How Eddy Learns from Podcasters

Eddy is built using Generative AI. Headliner’s AI parses RSS feeds, learning from past work to generate new content in the same style. This automation streamlines the process, ensuring consistent and high-quality outputs for podcasters.

“Generative AI excels at creating content based on existing patterns, so the more familiar it is with the output you want, the closer it can replicate it. Lucky for podcasters, our RSS feeds are filled with examples of past work. So, Headliner AI can parse a feed in the same way that a podcatcher does, which allows it to learn from your past work to create content in the same style. You can think of it like Headliner automating the job of giving examples & feedback to an AI; we do it all for you!” – Maximilian Piras, Senior Product Designer at Headliner.

With the new update, podcasters can directly inform Headliner’s AI before leaving the software. This allows podcasters to provide Eddy with immediate feedback and continuous learning to fine-tune AI’s output.

About Headliner

Headliner has helped over 1.3 million podcasters grow their audience.

Headliner is built on podcaster feedback and has worked to create an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for the “growth problem.” With Headliner, podcasters can create audiograms and simple marketing assets—what we’re known for—and transcribe, edit, connect, and promote their podcasts across the web!