API Solutions for Enterprise Hosts

We Create Customized Solutions for Enterprise Hosts.Connect Headliner API to Just About ANY Website!

Eddy by Headliner


Built for enterprise hosts, SSO API allows for seamless account integration back into your Content Management System.

Cost: Enterprise Level

J/S Widget

Allow your site visitors a way to make stylized Headliner videos within minutes!

Cost: Free

Background Video API

Let us do the heavy lifting! Background video API is the perfect solution for mobile apps and integrations to generate branded audiograms.

Cost: Enterprise Level

Eddy API

Boost podcast SEO and accessibility with the click of a button! Eddy’s API integration offers access to free transcriptions and features, like Podcast Promo Pack, for quick optimizations that takes podcasts to the next level.

Cost: Free

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Podium Time
Podium Time@Podium TimePod
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Huge, Huge, Huge thanks to @headlinervideo for making these new captioned super easy! All I have to do it edit the transcription a bit!
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We made this video with the great @headlinervideo. Great UX with a lot of power under the hood. And it runs in a browser. Nuts.
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I've quickly become a huge fan of the @headlinervideo app.

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