or as we like to call it:
Yes, we are free & this is how
Is Headliner really free?

Yes, we do not charge you for creating videos or anything else.  We want to create a platform that doesn’t limit creators. Many of the other platforms out there are cost prohibitive for creators and we aim to change that.  So get to it, go start creating!


And there’s no forced Headliner watermark?

Nope. There is no Headliner branding on the free videos you create. If you want to spread the Headliner love you can opt in to having a small Headliner logo added to your video but it’s not required.


What’s the catch? Are you selling my data?

No. We respect your privacy, we don’t sell your data to anyone. There is no catch, really.


But there has to be a catch, what is it?

We are always trying to improve the workflow for creating videos. By you using Headliner you are part of helping us collect data on the best ways to improve over time. For example, when you manually re-crop an image after we haven’t done a great job of it, we are able to improve auto-crop going forward. Your use of Headliner helps us build a better platform, which is another reason why we are keeping it free. So, yea, you caught us 🙂


How are you going to make money & survive?

We are pretty early still, just releasing this product in Jan 2018. We have a few ideas on how to keep the lights on, none of which are charging you, so don’t worry.


Sounds pretty vague. What are your future plans for monetization?

You’re not letting anything slide, are ya? If you must know, we have a few ideas that we will be vetting with our core users (so become one!). Expect more from us in 2019 here, but for now, we are focused on creating the best platform out there & keeping it free for our users.


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