For Headliner Highlight 8 we hear from Rob Roseman of the Dad the Best I Can Show Podcast. Check it out!

Tell us about your podcast…

I interview other dads to hear their stories, entrepreneurs, like Jesse Itzler, and other great business leaders, even my father in law. We never get to hear about the other side of people’s lives, their dad life, so I thought it’d be a fun way to give people the opportunity to share a little bit about that.

Why did you start podcasting?

I did it as a creative outlet. I started the podcast just as a way to, you know, document and connect with other dads. I thought it would also be a good way to promote my company that my sister and I started for parents to help teach their kids how to read. And really, it just has been the most exciting and fun project that I’ve started. So I’m really happy that I did it.

What do you do to share & promote your episodes?

Promoting your podcast, that is a challenge. I have to admit it is, you know, the recording and the prep and even the editing can be a fun part of creating a podcast and that’s probably what most people see, but getting other people to listen can be a challenge, especially if you’re like me, a busy dad who’s not a huge social media user, it’s a part of it that’s challenging. But also I’m learning and we are starting to grow.

What has been most effective? Least effective?

I think Instagram has been pretty effective and I have enjoyed the creative process of it. But again, it is challenging getting reach outside of your network. So, what I like about Headliner is that it makes it visually appealing and easy to create a shareable piece of content. People are so busy today that, you know, if Joe Rogan has Barack Obama on and it’s an incredible episode, but if it’s 2 hours long, there’s a good chance that I don’t have the time to prioritize that. But if you send me a 30 second clip, a highlight of a podcast, now all the sudden you’ve wet my appetite and I’m, you know, really excited to check it out and learn more. So, I think creating these bitesize Headliner videos are a great way to give your audience, you know taste of what you’re doing, instead of, “click here to listen to a 60-minute episode with me talking.”

Why do you make Headliners?

So I have been creating promo videos on Headliner, I would get pictures from our dad guess like Jesse Itzler. I would do some transcription of like a good 30 second clip and I’d share it on Instagram. And a lot of times, somebody like Jesse will re-share it. So it’s been a really cool way to promote the podcast and spread the word.

Current podcasting setup?

I started with just my phone!


ATR ATR2100-USB for a mic

Calendly for scheduling

Zoom.Us for recording guests

What is something you think is overrated or underrated in podcasting?

Podcasting is probably the the best media out there because it is something you can do while you’re driving, while you’re doing the dishes. It’s the only thing you can learn from, laugh at, have fun while you’re doing something else. Just love podcasting. Discovery is challenging, and getting the reach out there is tough but it’s just the greatest medium around and I think we’re just getting started.

If someone was to only listen to one episode of yours, which one would you send?

Jesse Itzler Part 1

Jesse Itzler Part 2

Do you have a favorite podcast?

I listen to so many great podcasts. There’s one I’ve been listening to lately that I just love. It’s called Good One and it’s a podcast about behind the scenes of jokes. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, definitely check it out.